In Your Midst

A Loving Tribute

Fall 2000

May the Angels lead you into paradise;
May the martyrs come to welcome you
And take you to the holy city,
The new and eternal Jerusalem.
How do you show your love and compassion to a friend who has just lost a parent or to a coworker who has experienced the unexpected death of a child or spouse? It’s at times like these when our emotions overwhelm us, when words seem to fail us. We may want to say that we are better for having known them, that their acts of kindness have changed our life, that their Christian values and love will continue to influence friends and family members for years to come. But often we find that our words simply are not enough.

In This Issue:
In recent years, more and more parishioners and friends of the Cathedral have chosen to honor the passing of family members and other loved ones through a memorial offering. Unlike other expressions of compassion, a memorial offering is a way to recognize the cultural interests, social concerns and spiritual values which were important during a person’s life, and to preserve them beyond the individual’s own mortal existence. The giving of such a gift brings fulfillment to the donor, comfort to the remaining family, and honor to the life of the departed.

In this issue of In Your Midst, we are happy to share with you a sample of our cathedral memorial card. When you complete this card and mail it back to the parish office or place it in the collection at Mass, you have made a special gift in loving tribute to one who has died in the Lord by carrying on the ministry of His Church. But your act of kindness does not stop there.With similar cards, the Cathedral will notify the surviving family of your generous tribute, and forward an expression of appreciation to you which may be kept for tax purposes.

In the future, additional complimentary memorial cards may be found at the parish office, in the bookstore, or from the literature racks throughout the Cathedral. If you are planning the funeral of a loved one and would like to have cards available for friends and family members at the funeral home, please let us know when you call to arrange the service. You may wish also to indicate in the obituary that memorial gifts be made to St. James Cathedral.

If you have any questions about making a memorial gift to the Cathedral, please call the Development Office at 206/382-4284.

Mary Ann Millican is Director of Development at St. James Catherdral.

Please remember in your prayers the following parishioners who have chosen to leave their legacy gift to St. James Cathedral.

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