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Fall 2000

In This Issue:
My Dear Friends,

As most of you know, it is our practice in accord with Archdiocese Guidelines, to issue an annual report to our parishioners on the financial condition of the parish. In years past, we have mailed it as a separate report to all registered parishioners. This year we decided to include it in In Your Midst both to increase the number of you who might see the report, and to present it in the larger context of the many and varied activities and ministries which are the fruit of our financial condition. It is also our custom to report not merely the dollars and cents through the books, but more informatively, I believe, the activities and ministries made possible by your financial support of the parish. As well as a chronicle of the life of St. James Cathedral over the past year, this report is also a testament to the wonderful commitment and generosity of you the parishioners and friends of St. James — the people who continue to make this such a special and blessed place.

We continue to be a growing parish with 2,335 households registered, up from 2,300 last year.

Last year saw the completion of a number of on-going capital projects including the Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy Millennium Organ, the Great Ceremonial Bronze Doors, a major cleaning, restoration and repair of the masonry and terra cotta on the Cathedral’s exterior, and new energy efficient and more secure windows for the first floor of the Rectory/Office building.

Our fiscal year runs from July through June 30. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2000, total parish income was $2,482,238. This was comprised of $1,468,352 in Sunday and other collections, $834,447 in gifts, bequests and fundraisers and $179,439 in business income (rentals, bookstore, etc.)

Total expenses for the year were $2,617,476, including $135,238 in planned withdrawals from savings for the capital projects mentioned above.

Salaries, benefits and other personnel related expenses accounted for $1,057,882 or approximately 43 percent of income. I am very happy to report that, through your generosity, we were able again this year to continue our pledge of raising staff compensation to levels comparable with the rest of the Seattle area. We currently are at 90 percent of parity with the surrounding community.

Each year a percentage of our ordinary income is assessed by the Archdiocese to allow the Archbishop to run the many and various offices, ministries, and programs of the greater Church family in Western Washington. Our assessments this year totaled $133,845.

St. James Cathedral Parish is a member of the Rainbow Schools which is a program whereby several parishes contribute to the support of the five Catholic Elementary Schools in the central area of the city. Our participation not only allows Catholic education to continue in this area, it also allows children from our parish to attend one of the schools at “parishioner” tuition rates. Our contribution to the Rainbow Schools program this year was $146,111. Five of our parish children were able to attend Catholic Schools as a result of our new parish scholarship program. The program has grown dramatically and we anticipate that number will be much larger next year.

How did all these monies translate into services for you the parishioners of St. James and to the Archdiocese and the larger community? During the fiscal year, 1,272 Sunday and regular daily liturgies were celebrated, not counting special liturgies for Holy Days, the Sacred Triduum and the Tre Ore. 32 Children’s Music liturgies also were celebrated.

The Great Jubilee Year 2000 began during this fiscal year and 20 special jubilee liturgies and 45 pilgrimages to the Cathedral from other parishes throughout the Archdiocese took place.

One hundred seventy-two people were baptized and 37 catechumens were welcomed into the Church. 67 Confirmations were also celebrated. During the year 130 weddings were performed and 44 funerals were conducted.

Additionally, numerous Archdiocese and other liturgies such as the Chrism Mass, Ordination to the Priesthood (including that of our own Fr. Jim Johnson), and Baccalaureate Masses for several high schools and Seattle University were celebrated in the Cathedral. The year culminated in the celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Archdiocese, celebrated in the Cathedral on July 25th, the feast of our patron, St. James.

Over the course of the year, there were more than 20 special concerts, recitals, and other musical events held in the Cathedral.

The English as a Second Language program (ESL) provided over 10,750 hours of tutoring to 100 refugees and immigrants. The Family Kitchen provided more than 39,000 free meals to our needy neighbors, and the Winter Shelter provided emergency overnight shelter to 10 to 15 men for 120 nights. Over 15,000 sandwiches were prepared by our parishioners and distributed through St, Martin de Porres Shelter and Operation Nightwatch.

Our outreach programs to the elderly transported approximately 40 parishioners to Mass every Sunday and conducted monthly field trips for about 33 parishioners. An average of 20 of our shut-in parishioners received an audiotape of the 10:00 Mass every week and 50 to 60 of our homebound received communion every week to help them feel connected to the liturgical life of St. James. In addition, over 30 of our seniors were regularly assisted in their homes by the volunteer chore program. Cabrini Ministers visited many others in nursing homes and retirement centers.

And the list goes on, as you well know. More than anything, I want to make sure you know that none of these efforts could have been undertaken without the generous financial support you provide. I also want you to know that there has been careful and competent stewardship of the financial resources of the parish. One year into the Third Christian Millennium, I look forward to accomplishing even more with you and with the help of God’s grace.


The Very Reverend Michael G. Ryan,

P.S. Also during the year, the Archdiocese conducted a regular Pastoral Review of the parish for the past six years. Some of the results of that review were nothing less than breathtaking and I wanted to share them with you:


And, perhaps most impressive, Ordinary Income increased 106.4 percent from $417,945 in 1989 to $1,224,663 in 1999 (FY98/99).

Who says these aren’t exciting times at St. James?

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