Twelfth Station | Joan Brand-Landkamer, artist

THE TWELFTH STATION.  Jesus dies on the Cross

In the night, the great cross trembles
with the breath of God.
Our host is weighed down
and his head droops little by little.
He no longer sees his Mother
and his Father forsakes him.
Have you not had enough of that bitter wine,
mingled with water, that you raise your head suddenly,
and cry, "I thirst!"
You are thirsty, Lord?  Are you speaking to me?
Do you still have need of me, with my sins?
Am I what is lacking
before all things can be fulfilled?

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Art by Joan Brand-Landkamer.  Meditations by Paul Claudel.
Photos (c) St. James Cathedral, 2010.  All rights reserved.


The Twelfth Station