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I am in your midst as one who serves

These words from the Gospel of Luke, inscribed in the oculus high over the altar of St. James Cathedral, speak to our mission to carry out Christ’s teaching in our community. Every day, St. James volunteers reach out in love to the needy of First Hill and Downtown Seattle.


At the beginning of each month, a digital newsletter is sent out with news, information and stories about the Life, Peace and Justice ministries of the Cathedral. Recently, we’ve highlighted our work with immigrants, mental health services and encounters with our neighbors who are homeless. If you’d like to receive this newsletter, please send a message to outreach@stjames-cathedral.org  and ask to subscribe to the newsletter.


For the latest volunteer opportunities, please send us an email. The list below describes volunteer roles that are always needed.

Catholic Community Services/Catholic Housing Services (CCS/CHS) are inviting St. James Cathedral parishioners to help with meals for those in need.
CCS/CHS now supports a just-opened 30-bed women’s shelter in Burien and a Federal Way drop-in center that welcomes 75 people each day. Both programs need hot casseroles, although sandwiches are also accepted. Contact a restaurant to deliver food or provide food yourself. Please coordinate with Patrick Barredo (pbarredo@stjames-cathedral.org).
The St. Martin de Porres men’s shelter needs volunteers to prepare meals in their kitchen. If you’re interested, contact Jeff Cathey, the Operations Supervisor at St. Martin de Porres (206.323.6341 or jefferyc@ccsww.org).

As more meals are brought to CCS/CHS, they will need to be delivered. If you can help transport food, contact CCS Network Builder Erin Maguire (ErinMa@ccsww.org).
These are difficult times we live in. Any meal support you can provide for those experiencing homelessness is greatly appreciated. However, please do observe our state’s directive to stay in your home, especially if you or anyone in your household is in a high-risk group.


Dedicated Cathedral Kitchen Volunteer has service "embedded" in him: "You have to be active and lead"
Mick McHugh has only "officially" been a stipended Cathedral Kitchen lead volunteer for about 14 months, but he has been a tireless servant of Christ his entire life.  A graduate of Seattle Prep High School and Seattle University over 50 years ago, Mick was formed by a Jesuit education "from the beginning."  This strong foundation of faith in action compelled Mick to work with the marginalized in all different capacities throughout his life, including guiding folks through AA and rehabilitation at the Matt Talbot Center in downtown Seattle, serving in kitchens and retreat centers, and sitting on the Board of Trustees of Catholic Community Services for nine years.  "CCS has its heart in everything.  They're so inspiring.  It's hard to say no to such amazing people, especially young folks who are working so hard for a better tomorrow," he said.
A parishioner at St. James Cathedral since "forever," his current ministry is to help coordinate and successfully run the Cathedral Kitchen meals for homeless folks five days a week.  How does he contribute to the Cathedral goal of welcoming the stranger, especially in these extraordinarily challenging Covid-19 times?  "You got to get out and mix it up a bit.  You can't just say your prayers, you have to be active and lead," he said.  As difficult as the work is, Blessed Mary helps him through much of it.  "I've found a way of re-adapting to pray and connect with Mary.  She is very caring, soothing, and loving."  He is inspired by Fr. Ryan's devotion, and strives to offer all guests the same level of care as our Mother.
With so many changes happening around him at this time, Mick leads by example.  This helps him stay solid in his faith.  "I'm proud of what we do!  This is part of our mission, and if you just dig in and show by example, it might crack the door open a little for people to want to do what you do."  Then, he said, you know you've done the work of Christ.


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