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Every member of the Cathedral community is invited to participate, in person or by Zoom, in a synodal gathering. YOU ONLY NEED TO SIGN UP FOR ONE SESSION!

Monday, May 2, 2022 4:00pm Zoom https://conta.cc/3IMW1Ae
Thursday, May 5, 2022 6:30pm Zoom https://conta.cc/36xzIBB

Find out more about what to expect at a synodal gathering here.
Already registered? Start preparing for your synodal gathering here.


 Dear Friends,

         This Lent and Easter of 2022 should be unlike any other. Pope Francis is calling the entire Church to engage in preparing for a highly important, worldwide Synod that will take place in Rome in 2023. And he wants to hear the voices of the entire Church – including each one of us. When you consider how vast the reach of the Church is and how great the numbers (1.2 billion Catholics!), that is a tall order and this is a truly historic moment. It has to be the largest consultation of the human family in history.
The word Synod comes from two Greek words which mean ‘together’ and ‘on the road.’ The idea is that the entire Church is on the move - never stagnant – on the move through time and history, a road that will ultimately take us to God’s kingdom, but a road with many stopping places along the way. The Synod of 2023 and the lead-up to it is one of those stopping places, and this Lent and Eastertide of 2022 we are going to stop as a parish, take some time in small group settings to pray together, to listen to each other, and to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us.
          All of this may sound a bit abstract but I assure you that the doing of it will be anything but! Pope Francis’ hope is that this process will be transformative: that it will awaken us to the meaning and the call of our baptism, to what it means to be part of a living, learning, listening Church where everyone’s voice is important. And his hope is also that by listening to one other in facilitated conversations we will get fired up about our faith, fired up with love for Christ and his Gospel.

         Now, here’s where you come in. Two ways. First: I am inviting each member of the Cathedral parish to find time this Lent to participate in a synodal session. Whether you’re strong in your faith or hanging on by a thread, whether you’re a lifelong Catholic or a recent arrival, I really want you to participate. The sessions are being offered both on Zoom and in-person. Second: each of us knows someone who has drifted away from the Church, for whatever reason. It’s important that their voices be heard, too. Would you consider reaching out to such a person—a friend, family member, or colleague—and inviting him or her to participate in this with you? It won’t be enough just to invite them: bring them along with you. You’ll be doing the Lord’s work.
          We all look for things to do during Lent. Let this be one of your Lenten practices this year. The conversation will last about an hour, and you’ll be part of history.
          My friends, I personally find all of this very exciting because if we do this right, not only will we be helping the Church become the listening, learning Church it is called to be, we will also be helping our parish come more alive in our worship, our faith, and our service.

Father Ryan




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