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Let us journey together
A Vision for St. James Cathedral Parish, 2021-2026


“To come out of this crisis better, we have to see clearly,
choose well, and act right. Let’s talk about how.
Let us dare to dream.”—Pope Francis

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to pause, to reflect, and to dream. For several months, the Pastoral Vision Council listened to and prayed with feedback from you, the parish community. We now offer four priorities to focus on over the next five years. This is not an exhaustive vision of the parish and its ministries; instead, our hope is that you and each member of the Cathedral community will find something here that inspires and challenges you.

Inspired by our patron, St. James the Greater, let us journey together. As we set out, we take a pilgrim’s posture, walking in humility and trust, open to the surprises of the Holy Spirit. Let us dare to dream!

--St. James Cathedral Pastoral Vision Council

Walking together as a pilgrim people

  • We are a community shaped and formed by our common prayer, especially our celebration of the Eucharist
  • We find ways to listen to one another and create space for dialogue across our differences
  • We offer everyone opportunities for encounter, connection, and belonging
  • We form disciples and empower them to live the Gospel in their daily lives

Journeying with young people and families

  • We embrace families with young children, helping them to flourish in their faith
  • We provide opportunities for youth to become deeply involved in the life of the parish
  • We dialogue with teenagers, listening to their desires, experiences, questions, and hopes as they navigate the tensions of a life of faith
  • We lift up the needs and perspectives of young adults

Making racial and cultural diversity and inclusion in leadership a reality

  • We are committed to ensuring our ministries reflect the rich diversity of our community
  • We are open to change, letting go of old patterns in order to create room for new leaders
  • We intentionally and actively extend invitations to leadership roles
  • We recognize that each one of us has God-given gifts to share with the parish community

Encountering and accompanying the poor and marginalized

  • We listen to the voices of the poor and respond in concrete ways
  • We see injustice in the world and are compelled by our faith to speak and act
  • We recognize the climate crisis and act to nurture, preserve, and protect God's creation
  • We serve and minister with purpose, impelled by the love of Christ
  • We strive to be bridge builders and reconcilers in a divided Church and world 








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