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A Moment of Prayer and Lament
This Friday, June 5, at noon, a group of Seattle clergy from many faith traditions will gather on the terrace and steps of St. James Cathedral to pray and observe eight minutes, 46 seconds of silence while the Cathedral’s funeral bell tolls. Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown, Lead Pastor, Plymouth Church, will speak and invite all to the time of silence. Because of the ongoing pandemic, and the limitations on the size of outdoor gatherings, you are encouraged to join in the service via livestream here or at the Cathedral Facebook page.


Father Ryan's text

A Moment of Prayer and Lament
June 5, 2020
My friends,
Archbishop Paul Etienne joins me in welcoming you to this Moment of Prayer and Lament.  We do this as we look over the city we love - a city of great promise and prosperity, but not for all; a city of unparalleled opportunity, but not for all; a city known for its tolerance, but not for all; a city that decries racism but does far too little to root it out. But it’s not really fair for me to point the finger down the hill at our city or at our nation.  I must also point the finger at myself and acknowledge all the ways I have tolerated racism, all the ways I have turned a blind eye to the systemic evils of racism, all the ways I have reaped – and continue to reap - the dire fruits of white privilege. 
In the midst of a painful Moment of Truth fueled by yet one more sin against a black brother, George Floyd – the sin, the crime, of murder - we religious leaders come together for some moments of prayer and quiet reflection because, at this point, silence may be more important than the multiplication of words. I would like to share some recent words of Bishop Mark Seitz, the Roman Catholic bishop of El Paso, an outspoken champion of the migrants and refugees that are at his doorstep: “I think leaders in the church today, and leaders everywhere, really, should perhaps say a little less right now. Instead, we should stand with and give the microphone and listen to those who have been unheard for too long.  To those who have suffered our shameful history of discrimination and racial profiling and police brutality. To those who are putting their bodies on the line in protest and in defense of others.”
With this in mind, it’s my privilege to invite the Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown, lead pastor of Plymouth Church, to speak to us.








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