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The week of July 25, six kids gathered for a week-long camp exploring the art of stained-glass, unde the direction of Brenda Bellamy. They had the opportunity to make their own small stained glass windows, display their work in  the Cathedral Chapel, visit a glass-making studio, learn about the history, science and making  of  stained glass, explore the use of stained glass in the Cathedral  as well as other area churches and buildings. It was a busy week!

Corinna Laughlin teaches about the importance of art in our liturgy and worship.

Father Tom Lucas, SJ, gives a behind-the-scenes tour of his own studio.

Exploring the art of Seattle University with Father Tom Lucas.

Father Ryan helps the campers experience anew the beauty of the Cathedral's stained-glass windows.

Visiting a local glass studio.

Designing and making their own windows!

My name is Gemini Samarasinghe. I am a St. Therese Catholic Academy graduate and an incoming freshman to Holy Names Academy. I am most proud of myself for being an avid swimmer, violin soloist, dystopian writer and reader as well as women’s self-defense 1st degree black belt fighter. My family has been St. James Cathedral Parishioners since 2008, and it’s been more than the greatest pleasure. I’m an alter server as well as a teen faith mentor for the special needs children.  My stained glass project reflects a chalice and a host, I believe the most important part of Mass is the Eucharist. I feel it portrays me to be closer to God. The colors I chose represent the lighting during the Eucharist part of mass; shades of amber, yellow and white.  I am thankful that I got to be a part of this wonderful camp with amazing friends and teachers and volunteers who share their insight as well as donate money, time, and knowledge.  Being part of St. James Cathedral will cherish with me, and even after on. “The Eucharist is the sacrament of cosmic remembrance: it is indeed a restoration of love as the very life of the world.” ― Alexander Schmemann

My name is Emily Amesquita and I am going to be an 8th grader at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in West Seattle.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with stained glass here at St. James Cathedral.  It truly deepens my appreciation for the beautiful windows we see at church, in glass factories, museums, and art studios. This is a representation of the manger scene; the star shining bright in the sky, the glowing warmth coming from the manger.  The different shades of blue in the sky represent the fact that the star was present all through the day.  It didn’t go away after a few hours.  It was there through all the different shades of blue the sky goes through in a day.  I hope my art has inspired you, and I hope you feel at home in Jesus’s loving embrace.

My name is Miriam Fox. I am home educated, and my hobbies include playing flute, softball, and sketching. My stained glass piece is a picture of the Holy Spirit hovering over the chalice. I made the dove out of mirror shards to remind us that we should see Jesus in everyone, including ourselves. I have really enjoyed this camp, and have learned a lot. All of our materials were donated, and there were also a lot of people who donated time to help out at camp. I hope you enjoy my piece.


With gratitude to
· Father Michael G. Ryan
· Corinna Laughlin
· Father Tom Lucas, SJ
· Jim Flanagan, Fremont Antique Glass
· Jim Perry, Perry Studios
· Rasika Sigera
· Kathy Johnson and Glass Expressions
· Michelle Nicholas and Seattle Stained Glass
· John Riley
· David Murphy
· Dorene Cropley
· Marty Young
· Theresa Van de Ven
Giving praise to God
from Whom all blessings flow,
Brenda Bellamy



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