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 May 31, 2015


Dear Friends,
In January, when Dr. James Savage retired from his position as Cathedral Music Director, we began the search for a new director.  Five months later, and after a great deal of effort that involved long hours of work by a search committee as well as by the members of the Cathedral Choir and the Women of St. James Schola, I am happy to announce to you that Dr. Paul Thornock, Director of Music at St. Joseph Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio, for the past sixteen years, is our new Director of Music.  Paul will take over his responsibilities on July 20.
The decision was not an easy one.  There were fifty applicants for the position and they came, not only from across the country but from across the world.  As you might expect, the decision came only after a great deal of prayer, soul-searching, and intense conversation.
Even though Paul has served in Columbus, Ohio, for quite a few years, his roots are here in the Pacific Northwest.  He was born and raised in the Shelton area and graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma.  Following that, he pursued  graduate studies at the University of Notre Dame and later completed his doctoral work at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.  Over the years, he has gained an excellent and enviable reputation as organist, choral conductor, and church musician.
In announcing Paul’s appointment, I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to Joseph Adam, senior Cathedral organist since 1992, who has served these past five months as interim Director of Music.  But “served” doesn’t begin to say it.  Joseph has done an absolutely superb job during this time of transition.  He has overseen the music department very capably, given excellent musical leadership to the Cathedral Choir and Women’s Schola, and been warmly and pastorally present to each member of those ensembles -- all the while continuing his outstanding work as Cathedral Organist.  Not least of all, he helped to make this year’s celebrations of Holy Week and the Triduum both beautiful and prayerful.  No words of mine can adequately express my appreciation to Joseph for all that he has done. He is the ultimate team-player and these past few months are just one more impressive chapter in his long service to St. James Cathedral. I am happy to share with you that Joseph will continue as Cathedral Organist and that I have asked him to assume additional responsibilities as Associate Director of Music.
I want to thank each of you for your prayers during these past months and I would ask for your continued prayers as Joseph completes his work as interim director and Paul prepares to move his family across country in mid-July.  Transitions can be challenging; only prayer, planning, and a positive spirit can make them smooth.  I am excited about the future and convinced that, under Paul Thornock’s musical leadership, the future of the music program at St. James Cathedral will be every bit as bright as its past!
Father Ryan



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