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 DAY EIGHT August 13, 2015

Encounter. Be Disturbed. Response. We asked ourselves what is our response to the experience of being with and becoming a Pequeño. As they say it "aguantar" or To Endure. Sacrifice for the needs of others we learned are at the heart of what it means to be a Pequeño which is also the foundation of our Catholic faith. 

DAY SEVEN  August 12, 2015

A small group visited the NPH clinic to observe the care for children in the community surrounding campus. A small girl with cerebral palsy visits several times a week for therapy from NPH Occupational Care volunteers. St James was treated to a preview of the NPH Jinotepe dance troupe who will visit Seattle in October. Colorful costumes and flowing dresses combined with traditional music by the Pequeños. Following the performance the marching band practiced in the noon day sun to a powerful arrangement with an emphasis on drums and horns. Days of sun gave way to a tropical downpour following a group simulation where each of our students represented a country assigned by Joe. The purpose was to use statistics provided  to act as the country in a mock exercise. Some countries had greater access to resources and "special rules" which enabled them to thrive while other countries felt that they didn't have a chance and resorted to whatever it took to survive. Dinner with Marlon Velazquez, National Director of NPH and his staff at his home on campus. On our first day of the mission Tio Marlon gave us a homework assignment to answer the question "What is a Pequeño?". Each student was given an opportunity to share their perspective from their own interactions throughout the week. 


DAY SIX  August 11, 2015

The youth group spent the morning in individual reflection and group discussion reflecting on St Clare of Assisi who was born into wealth but chose to devote her life to being with the poor as Pope Francis calls all of us to lead a life of service of others. An always fluid daily schedule swapped Spanish language class for a full afternoon of English class with the Pequeños. The regular class period combined with the after school extracurricular class for a three hour marathon session of tutoring before mid-year exams and playful games. Throughout the week we rotated dinner locations between weekends at the Ranchon and more intimate dinners as breakout groups in individual Casas assigned by age and gender. The Pequeños hosted us in their homes and shared stories with our students. 


DAY FIVE--GRANADA!   August 10, 2015

The Pequeños wished us well on our journey to the Cathedral of Granada. Teams split out to canvas the 500 year old city, her colorful buildings and active street markets. In the afternoon the kids sang songs as we drove up to the active Volcano Nindiri. We returned to NPH during a blackout. Generators enabled us to gather with volunteers and our Godchildren before electricity was cut off for lights out at 9pm. 

DAY FOUR--Later!   August 9, 2015

Sunday Soccer Game:  our first excursion outside of campus was to the boys soccer game in neighboring Diriamba. Our NPH Pequeños came from a 2-0 deficit at halftime to score two goals in the second half. A classic soccer 2-2 tie! To celebrate Joe and Christine treated the team and their adoring fans to ice cream.

The team

The adoring fans

DAY FOUR   August 9, 2015

More weekend playtime with the Pequenos. 

DAY THREE--EVENING  August 8, 2015

Arriving early to evening mass we welcomed the Pequeños with a spirit tunnel. We celebrated mass and dinner with the entire community followed by an outdoor movie in Spanish.

On Day 1 ants and flying beetles where met with shrieks and hiding. By Day 2 most of us were conditioned to the abundance of nature around us. By Day 3 a second tarantula visit become a group photo op. 

DAY THREE--AFTERNOON!  August 8, 2015

Afternoon update: working off a delicious lunch of pork and rice the St. James Youth Missioners and NPH Pequeños competed for soda. Despite Joe scoring a goal the Pequeños dominated to win four bottles of soda.


DAY THREE!  August 8, 2015

The weekend is here! Singing songs, playing UNO and making bracelets. The older kids were taken on an impromptu expedition into the wilds of the forest to collect nancite a popular small fruit used in desserts. Think of a small cherry with a large seed and the texture of pear. Yummy!

DAY TWO!  August 7, 2015

Afternoon and evening activities.   Report from the team: "Morning chores gave way to an afternoon of soccer and basketball followed by dinner with the Pequenos. Our team split into pairs to each visit one of the 10 houses. After dinner everyone enjoyed a warm summer night back at the sport courts with the kids providing the live DJ. NPH loves music!"

Report from Nicaragua!
During the morning while the kids were in school we split into three teams to help out around campus. One team went to work on building a fence; another team helped with a house under construction including making mortar, for the bricks and digging a trench for the new sewage system. The third team intended to paint the newly rejuvenated lockers, however, as the painting was already done, they improvised by cleaning and organizing a warehouse.

DAY ONE!  August 6, 2015

DEPARTURE!  August 5, 2015

 The youth group and their adult mentors on the way to Managua!

BLESSING  August 2, 2015

On Sunday, August 2, 2015, at the conclusion of the 10:00am Mass, Father Ryan blesses
and sends forth the youth traveling to Nicaragua. Our prayers go with them!

The whole assembly joins in the prayer of blessing.



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