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Please be patient; photos may take a moment or two to download.

On Sunday, July 26, we celebrated the Feast of St. James, Apostle--our patron saint. At each Mass, a 16th-century reliquary bust containing a relic of St. James was carried in procession.

Servers prepare for the entrance procession...

...and the Cathedral Choir joins in the entrance hymn.

Father Ryan incenses the image of St. James as we honor our patron.

The Cathedral Choir, for the first time under the direction of Dr. Paul Thornock, our new Director of Music, who joined the Cathedral Staff on Monday, July 20.

A tradition!  Saint James "the Greatest" joins the procession at the end of the Noon Mass.
He is 18 feet high and it takes four people to bring him to life!

The puppet of St. James is based on larger-than-life puppets used in Santiago de Compostela, the great shrine of St. James in northwestern Spain.

Handling the hands of St. James!

Parishioners venerate the relic of Saint James after Mass.

Dr. Paul Thornock and family in Cathedral Hall after Mass.  Welcome, Dr. Thornock!


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