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Unfolding Spark
Keegan O’Rourke
Oil on canvas
Available. Contact artist: keegan.orourke@gmail.com

COMMENTS BY THE ARTIST  Little things may slowly or quickly, immediately or exponentially, with oscillation or without, become gigantic in proportion and effect. Reverberations of small changes create dramatic relationships between the forces of the world. Cascades flower out of tiny trickles… species go extinct as the environment alters, populations are separated and new species form, geology meteorology and biology all become reliant on one another, and change with one another. Rocks and bones and stars and dust and oil and bits. This fluctuation, this alteration, this change… goes down to the tiniest scales (to the very boiling fabric of space-time itself) and up to the largest, until knit from its inconstancy is the reality we have before us. Unstable, uncertain, diverse, strange, new, and at once ancient… guided by provocative inalienable laws. Reality is solid and melting, both there and not there. It is a thought experienced in astounding corporeality.

My work is an investigation and plunge into this richly woven and tangled web of systems. I have adopted a sort of baroque enthusiasm of excess and detail, guided by overarching movements of matter and energy. In painting, both nonrepresentational forays into surface and form and clear dreamlike spaces are my favorite and occasionally intersecting modes. With photography I allow myself to be swept up into particular small spaces or large landscapes in both natural and man-made environments where I can experiment with orientation and composing logic. Both practices inform each other and across all mediums I am constantly trying to make and build things to find more of the world and engage myself within it, and with others. 




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