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Jacqueline L. Bellows
Oil on canvas
Betsy Dahlstrom

Crista Dougherty
I am interested portraiture as a way of exploring ideas of life cycles and the composition of humans on both a social and fundamental level. Using a large format view camera to make portraits of ash dusted figures, the relationship between the subject to photographer and subject to material are explored.  These photographs are created as a collaborative play between people who have personally influenced me. The ash acts as a mask, covering the figure in a veiled reminder of our relationship as living things to dust, dirt and carbon.

Let There Be Light
Darnita L Howard
Digital Fractal
Let There Be Light is a digital fractal inspired by Genesis 1:14 "And God said; let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for season, and for days, and for years." Though God separated light from dark in the physical world, this could also be applicable to the spiritual journey of a person. There may be moments in life or seasons where there is darkness such as obstacles, pain, fear, and bad experiences. However, God always brings the light manifested in love, peace, joy, a smile, hug, opportunities, and answered prayers. 

Tanya K. Langford
This image reminds me of the creation of the universe, peace and God's perfect love for us

 Anette Lusher (Cree)

Fiona McCargo
Digital photograph
Making art gives me joy.  In my art I incorporate narratives, wit, sarcasm, subversion, humor, texture, and beauty.  Art both activates and calms my mind.  I learn, see potential, research methods and materials, and understand the world with art.  Likewise I become enchanted by focusing my appreciation on the art’s beauty, craftsmanship, and texture.  
I find magic in the everyday items that are taken for granted: reflections in puddles; symmetry and juxtaposition in nature and the city; and filtered, channeled, or blocked images and light.  Taking photos is a way to see light over dark, be grateful for everyday surroundings, use my imagination, feel at one with the universe, and allow my soul to aim for its highest potential.  Through the lens I am able to appreciate the creation-rebirth cycle; I capture what will be absent in a matter of seconds.

Lolly Shera
 This painting is called "Release"  because it is about the transformation of the physical form into the spiritual, which, in essence, is a form of Creation.
My name is Lolly Shera and I am a graduate of the Georgetown Atelier, a three year classical drawing and painting program in Georgetown, Seattle.  I work directly from Nature, often choosing small, intimate scenes as subject matter.  I have been influenced by many of the Masters, including the compositions of Andrew Wyeth, the moody landscapes of George Inness and the technical craft of Velazquez and Rembrandt.


Danella Sydow

Katherine Winch Troyer
Wendy Winkler
"Mankind's role is to fulfill his heaven sent purpose through a sincere heart that is in harmony with all creation and loves all things." Morihei Ueshiba




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