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Chrism Mass 2013
Each year, just before Holy Week, priests, deacons, and ministers from across the
Archdiocese gather in the Cathedral for the Chrism Mass.

Chrism Mass 2013
The word "Chrism" refers to anointing.  During this Mass, the Archbishop blesses the oil of the sick and the oil of catechumens, and consecrates the Sacred Chrism. 

Chrism Mass 2013
Archbishop Sartain preached about the call to service, which flows from the love of Christ,
who stretched out his arms on the cross.

Chrism Mass 2013
Chrism Mass 2013
Bellringers accompany the procession of the oils.

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013
Father Gary Zender explains the meaning of each of the three oils as they are presented to the Archbishop.

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013
One of the Elect, to be baptized at the Easter Vigil, presents the Oil of Catechumens.

Chrism Mass 2013
Newly ordained priest Father Jose Alvarez, with a confirmation candidate, present the Sacred Chrism, which is used in both the sacrament of Confirmation and the sacrament of Holy Orders.

Chrism Mass 2013
While the Oil of the Sick and the Oil of Catechumens receive a simple blessing, the Sacred Chrism is consecrated with a solemn prayer.  Here, the Archbishop breathes over the oil, in a gesture reminiscent of the book of Genesis, when the spirit of God breathes over the waters.

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013
After the Mass, the deacons of the Archdiocese prepare the newly-blessed oils for distribution to the parishes.

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013

Chrism Mass 2013
Father Dolejsi, director of vocations for the Archdiocese, presents a monstrance to the Archbishop for blessing.  The "monstrance for vocations" will travel to different parishes around the Archdiocese.

Chrism Mass 2013




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