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Please be patient; photos may take a moment or two to download.

First Communion
On Sunday, May 5, twenty-nine children in our parish received Holy Communion for the first time.  Many of them have been preparing for this important day for two years!

First Communion
There were some jitters and excitement before Mass began.

First Communion
Taking a moment for prayer.

First Communion
It's traditional to dress your best for First Holy Communion.  The white dresses worn by the girls recall the white garments they received on the day of their baptism.

First Communion
Gathering in the vestibule for the procession...

First Communion

First Communion

First Communion
The children joined the solemn entrance procession at the beginning of Mass.

First Communion

First Communion
The Mass is full of baptismal reminders. There was the sprinkling rite at the beginning of Mass...

First Communion
... the lighting of candles,

First Communion

First Communion
... and the renewal of baptismal promises.

First Communion

First Communion
For the first time, the children receive the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist.  From now on this sacrament will be their food for the journey.

First Communion
The procession out at the end of Mass.

First Communion

First Communion
Smile, everybody!
Congratulations, First Communicants!



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