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Please be patient; photos may take a moment or two to download.

Prayer for Christian Unity
On Wednesday, January 21, clergy and lay leaders from many different Christian denominations gather in the Cathedral in observance of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, celebrated each year between January 18 and January 25.

Prayer for Christian Unity
The Rev. Dr. Michael Kinnamon, a noted ecumenist, gave the sermon.  He spoke about the need not only for unity, but for renewal.

Prayer for Christian Unity
After the sermon, each of the denominational executives present offered a short "confession," acknowledging the ways in which we have all blocked the way to full unity.

Prayer for Christian Unity
Each leader brought water from their baptistry.

Prayer for Christian Unity
The leaders poured the water they had brought into the font, a gesture of reconciliation and unity.

Prayer for Christian Unity
Michael Ramos, a Catholic layman, is the head of the Church Council of Greater Seattle.  Read more about the work of the Church Council and sign up for e-mail updates here.

Prayer for Christian Unity
Servers from St. James and Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral joined forces at this special service.

Prayer for Christian Unity
At the conclusion of the service, all clergy present gave a benediction together.

Prayer for Christian Unity
Clergy join the procession to Cathedral Hall to continue the celebration at the reception.

Prayer for Christian Unity
Thank you to all who participated in this 3rd Annual Countywide Prayer for Christian Unity, sponsored by the Church Council of Greater Seattle, the School of Theology and Ministry of Seattle University, and St. James Cathedral.  Next year, the service will take place on January 19 at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral.


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