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Please be patient... photos may take a few moments to download.

Madre de las Americas
The annual celebration of Madre de las Americas (Mother of the Americas) brings together members of the Hispanic community from across the Archdiocese.  Young and old enter into the festive spirit of this feast.

   Madre de las Americas

Madre de las Americas
This year, hundreds gathered at St. Mary's Church in Seattle and walked to the Cathedral.  Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego came to life in a float in the procession.

Madre de las Americas

Madre de las Americas
The young dancers are excited as they watch the procession arrive.

Madre de las Americas

Madre de las Americas
Many different dance troupes brought color, rhythm, and music to the Cathedral before the Mass begins.

Madre de las Americas
A Mariachi band gathers before the image of the Mother of the Americas to sing and play traditional songs in honor of the Virgin.

Madre de las Americas
Headdresses are doffed during Mass!  

Photos by C. Laughlin, St. James Cathedral, Seattle.  All rights reserved.


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