Message from Ms. Sunde

I can hardly believe how much we accomplished in seven short hours!  You each took your individual assignments very seriously and worked very hard at becoming an amazing choir.  Get some good sleep.  We have lots to learn yet tomorrow!

Words of the Day

Tired  Exhausted  Exuberated Sore  Thrilling  Awesome  Fun  Curious  Weird  Happy  Grateful  Nervous

Lion drawn by a Choir Camper

Photos of the Day

Monday of Choir Camp
At Morning Prayer the first day of Choir Camp.  We'll be better at finding our place in the Order of Celebration by tomorrow!

Monday of Choir Camp
At Morning Prayer, Father Ryan talked about how Jesus often went to the mountains to be close to God, his Father.  St. James Cathedral is built on a "mountain," too--First Hill!  And when we climb this hill to sing and pray together, we meet God, too!

Monday of Choir Camp
Cathedrals, with their high domed ceilings, are great places to make music!  When we sing, we make a "cathedral" with our mouth!

Monday of Choir Camp
On Friday, we are going to perform scenes from The Play of Daniel, a medieval play that was written for children just like us!  It was amazing how much of the Latin we memorized in just one day.

Monday of Choir Camp
Two campers really got the hang of the gestures we are learning for the Play of Daniel.

Monday of Choir Camp
Singing is what camp is all about!  (Quiz question:  are these singers in first, second, or third position?)

Monday of Choir Camp
Singing the Corpus Christi Mass.  Did you get to the high note?

Monday of Choir Camp

Monday of Choir Camp

Dear Father Ryan,

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of being part of this unique choir.  To be honest, I didn't want to come, but now that I'm here, I'm really glad I did.  Thanks for supporting us; we all appreciate it. :)

God smiled on St. James when he asked you to be a priest.  I hope you know that we all love you.

Thank you for supporting and making this camp happen.

Thank you for giving all your support to all the choirs of St. James Cathedral.  Thank you for really believing in all of us and really  helping us and encouraging us.  Being our audience, listening o our singing and having hope in us.  Thank you for enjoying and taking the time to listen to our singing or new music that we just started practicing.  Thank you.

Thank you for being the priest of St. James and for helping us with the choirs.

Thank you for being the priest over here at St. James.  And also giving us the opportunity to have morning prayer.  Thank you for participating in all our community activities!  I hope you have the best time at St. James!  Thanks again!

Thank you very much for giving us the chance to join this wonderful choir camp.  Your support of this choir is great, and we are very thankful for your generosity.

Thank you so much for the choir.  It is very fun singing.

Thank you for all your support.  Without you we wouldn't have an opportunity to go to choir camp and practice.  Thank you for leading morning prayer today.  One of my favorite events was Great Music.  That wouldn't have happened without you, so thank you.

Thank you so much for allowing me, and all the other choir members, to sing in such a wonderful choir.  Through this choir, I have been given the opportunity to spend my time doing what I love to do, sing.  Thank you again.

Thank you for putting your time and effort into this camp.  I would also like to thank you for being the Father.  I'm having lots of fun here at camp!

Thank you for being a good priest.  I think you are great.

Thank you for everything you have done for the church AND the choir.  You deserve many many thanks for your efforts.  I also thank you for giving me opportunities to participate in Mass.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sing as a choir.  I hope you continue to be a priest at St. James.  Thanks again!

Thank you for supporting the Schola Cantorum Choir Camp.  Your helping out means a lot to me and the entire choir camp.  So again, thank you very much for everything you have done!

Thank you very much for giving a morning prayer.  I found it very enlightening.

Lions drawn by another Choir Camper

Dear Dr. Savage,

Thanks for your help on last year's camp and way before that, you are a lot of help to the church.  You are so supportive to everyone you know.  I hope your day will be a blast!  Thanks a lot!

Thanks for helping make this camp happen and for directing everyone.

Thank you so much for supporting us and our music.  You have put in so much time and work into all the music programs and we wouldn't be able to do any of it without you.

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into all of the music stuff, and I am very thankful for having us here and for giving me and all the other kid this opportunity to be here.

Thank you for all you do for us here.  We will always appreciate you.

Thank you so much for helping the music program.  I really like the St. James Youth Music Program.  I have had a lot of fun!  I have learned a lot of new songs.

Thank you for the great time and a great year!  You are doing a great job the best you are the best!

Thank you for helping us in our camp.  We all appreciate it.  I also want to thank you for helping us out on Friday's Mass.

Thank you so very much for spending all your time on music.  You do an awesome job.

Thank you so much for thinking of us in the camp.  It was hard work but it was fun!

Thank you for directing this camp.  This camp has and will be a great and fun camp!

Thank you so much for helping me and my team with the three children in the fiery pit... how to sing, hand and body positions.

Thank you for helping Choir Camp!  You have wonderful ideas and it's truly an honor having you here.  Thanks again!

Thank you for providing wonderful music for our St. James Cathedral.  Also thank you for setting up Choir Camp.  It made me so happy and have excitement in my summer.  Thank you so much!

Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to come sing here during the summer/school year.  This is about my 3rd year coming to Schola Cantorum and I really do enjoy this camp a lot.  Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity, and for all of your hard work.  :) smiles :)!

Thank you for supporting the Youth Music Program, and for working really hard with us.  And also for making sure we have our voices exactly where they need to be.

Thank you for being a great director.  You are really nice and a big inspiration.

Thank you so much for this great opportunity!  I appreciate it a lot.  When I went last year, I enjoyed it.  I was looking forward to this week.  We get to do so many fun activities that I enjoy.  Spending time with friends and doing fun things is what I enjoy a lot.  Without you we probably would not have this wonderful experience.  We all appreciate it!

Thank you for supporting this Schola Camp.  I really enjoy coming to it and am very thankful for your efforts.  You are a very good choir director.  And again I'm very thankful for your support.

I'd like to thank you for supporting us and giving me the chance to make friends.  I love singing and this is great.

Thank you for supporting Choir Camp!  Thank you for all you have done for yearly choir camp and regular choir.  Thank you for your support.

Thank you for planning and forming all of the musical performances.  I think that those of us who have been a part of the cathedral for a while now, have learned a lot from you, and new people will soon learn a lot, too.  Thank you for being the director of everything.


Angels drawn by a Choir Camper