The Last Day of Choir Camp! (Heu, Heu!)

Friday of Choir Camp
Our last morning surprise was Mr. Tyrone Heade, playing the bagpipes--just for us!!!

Friday of Choir Camp
Father Brant led us in Morning Prayer today.  He told us about St. Lawrence, whose feast we celebrated today.

Friday of Choir Camp
After Morning Prayer, we gathered for a group photo in front of the Cathedral.  Download a group photo to print by clicking here.

Friday of Choir Camp
Lions again.

Friday of Choir Camp
The Play of Daniel is a 13th-century musical drama written by and for the young musicians of Beauvais Cathedral in France.  Listen to the music as you look at the pictures! 
                 w  "Ad Honorem Tui Christe": Introduction
                 w  The Queen's Entrance
                 w  "Heu, heu, heu!"
                 w  "Danielem educite": All sing in praise of Daniel.

Friday of Choir Camp
"Welcome, good people, watch and listen to a play in praise of the prophet Daniel, beloved of the Lord."  The narrations for The Play of Daniel were written by W. H. Auden, a great 20th-century poet.

Friday of Choir Camp
"Daniel, the pious, from the days of his youth, worshiped the One and walked humbly."

Friday of Choir Camp
"Mighty Belshazzar commands a feast!"

Friday of Choir Camp

Friday of Choir Camp
"Phantom fingers come forth and write words on a wall: a wonder to behold!"

Friday of Choir Camp
The Queen, with her maidens, tells the King about Daniel, who is "apt to unriddle and read the meaning of dark dreams."

Friday of Choir Camp
The King's Advisors sing:  "Vir propheta Dei Daniel, Vien al Roi, Veni, desiderat parler a toi."  "Daniel, mighty prophet of God, come to the King, for he wishes to speak to you."

Friday of Choir Camp
Daniel explains to the King the meaning of the mysterious words... because he has stolen the sacred vessels of the Jewish people, King Belshazzar has been "tested in the balance, and found wanting."

Friday of Choir Camp
Now that Daniel is the favorite of the King, the Evil Counselor is jealous and  plots how to bring him down.  He convinces the king to pass a law saying that no one can pray to the Lord for thirty days.  When Daniel breaks this unjust law, he is thrown into a den of lions.

Friday of Choir Camp
Daniel is brave and prays from the midst of the lions.

Friday of Choir Camp
Even the king weeps to see Daniel in the den of lions.

Friday of Choir Camp
Daniel's friends grieve:  "Heu, heu, heu!"

Friday of Choir Camp
"God sent an angel with a shining sword to shut the mouths of the hungry lions."

Friday of Choir Camp
The Hebrew Children--Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego--sing a beautiful canticle in praise of God from the midst of the fiery furnace.  "Worthy of everlasting praise and glorious in splendor for ages of ages!"

Friday of Choir Camp
Friday of Choir Camp

The Campers Write about CHOIR CAMP

Iím glad I came to camp this year because I met a lot of new people.  And they were so nice to me.
Camp has had an impact on my life because I learned to be more comfortable singing out loud.  I now understand all of the effort, time, and practice that is put into the glorious music sung during Mass.  Camp has made me appreciate music at church more, and has helped me discover the joy that comes with participating with our voices.
I learned to take church music seriously.  I learned that one person can make a voice difference in a choir.  Four Square is a great pastime.  Church music can be very fun.  Ms. Sunde works hard to get everything right.  I can be an alto as well as a soprano.
While I was here it helped me focus a little more than usual.  Even though we had to focus it was still fun.
This camp makes me feel different when I enter the Cathedral, that it makes me feel at home.  I took several risks and that helps me to be a braver person.
This camp made me think about all the things that happen in Church.  Itís not just about praising God, itís having fun and learning and praising God.  I had a lot of fun at camp because I had 6 friends to talk with and to have fun with.
I really like Camp.  I get super nervous performing piano in front of an audience, but I finally did it.  I also had to do some courage last year, when we had to go up to the attic.  I was really scared of heights, but I thought it was pretty cool.
I loved Choir Camp this year because of all the interaction between the young campers and campers my own age.  I also made a lot of friends in Gregory and Cecilia.  Plus, I made good friends with the other volunteers.  I also liked being around to help anybody @ any time they needed it.  If I am able, I will definitely come back next year.  It was so much fun!
I have realized that being here is the best thing that happened this summer.  Camp has taught me to stand out when I am singing.
This week I have:  made new friends, learned new beautiful music, become more comfortable singing in higher octaves, had lots of fun with my friends, changed my voice and thoughts on prayer through music, met younger kids and helped them sing, become more comfortable sight-reading by myself
This week, we have done Morning Praise every day, practiced our parts for The Play of Daniel, made lots of new friends, and learned lots of music.
Choir camp has changed this whole week for me.  It has been a fun experience.  At camp, I met new friends.  I really enjoyed singing and the play rehearsals.  It has kept me busy, and not sitting on the couch for 5 hours doing nothing!
WellÖ what can I say about Schola CampÖ well I guess Iíd say that when I first got here I was scared to death and to tell you the truth I thought that nobody liked meÖ but then I made some really good friends.  Before I made friends I thought that maybe I wasnít meant to be here and then I heard something ďlife is like a comic book if you look at it close up it looks like a bunch of dots but from Godís point of view it all makes senseĒ and hearing that changed my mind.
This week has helped me sing much better than the beginning of the week.  It was great.
This week, camp made me a bit louder in my singing.  I have always been quiet when I sing, but because of my Daniel Play coach, Iíve become louder.
I wish this camp lasted the whole summer!  It was a blast!  Camp made me feel brave in front of friends.  I made a ton of friends!  The Play of Daniel made me realize if you are faithful then God will always protect and love you.
This Choir Camp changed me by teaching me how to make new friends.  Also by taking more risks in my music.
This Choir Camp made me understand more about singing in church.  I used to think that you would sing for fun, but now I know that it adds a lot more to a Mass.
This week I learned many things yet I think the most important thing was how to mentally be kind.
What I know this summer camp was I learned a lot of things.  I liked when we had the snacks, play too.  I took a risk on when I had to sing louder.  I like the Play of Daniel.  I hope to do it again.  Also it changed my life that I would meet more new friends.  I like when we sing a game with Mr. Brown.  I like summer camp a lot, thanks.
What this week has done for me is amazing!  I now am able to sing beautifully (sort of) and I now have a greater knowledge of how to sing.  I now am able to pray and sing with more feeling.  I also have been very happy to have many friends here after a few days and taking my risk of singing by myself on the ďFiery FurnaceĒ song, and how nobody teased me about the way I sang it because it wasnít the most beautiful.  I also now know what Iím missing, not being able to sing in the choir here, and how good some people are having such a wonderful talent for singing (especially Lilly and Elena and everybody else).  I also now feel A LOT better about how my voice sounds and this is all thanks toÖ. MS. SUNDE!
What I have learned in Choir Camp:  that it takes a lot of compassion to sing.  I would of never thought that I would do a solo.  It helps me get my butterflyís for later on singing speeches.
Camp has helped me sing a lot better.  I took a risk and sang a solo, which was very fun.
Choir Camp helped me to:  learn how to read music; meet new people; sing with more clarity; learn new songs; be more confident with my voice; learn more about the Cathedral; think more about what the music means.
Schola Camp has made it easier to sing alone for me.  I am not so nervous now when I do a solo.
Camp helped me realize how important singing is.  Such as singing at Mass.  It makes Mass a lot more enjoyable.  If there wasnít any singing then it would make Mass really boring.  Camp showed me that singing is important and we should use it as much as possible.
This week, like every Schola week, has kept me in perspective.  Itís nice to see my Schola friends during the summer, and to get to know them better.  Everyone at camp is really nice, and you can get along with everyone.  I think this group of campers are better than last yearís.  This week I never thought Iíd do a musical in Latin, but I did.
This week my mind changed about the artwork in the Cathedra, like the stained glass windows.  Everyone was really kind, and I think that was great to share a space with others that have the same passion as you.
I learned new songs at camp.  I met new friends at camp.  I saw some old friends from before.  Thanks.
Camp helped me to make new friends and sing with more people, have fun!  I got to know more songs.
Camp made me like songs and singing a lot.  And Schola sings a lot of lovely songs.  I like Schola a lot because we sing pretty songs and itís fun!
When I first got here I thought the whole week would be like the first day.  Now I know that camp is great!  My mom even said that she would go crazy the way you guys have us working the whole time.  Otherwise it was pretty fun!
Camp helped me to make new friends and to be a leader.
This week I had a wonderful time.  I had many challenges at first but now I can sign a little like Ms. Sunde.
Schola Camp changed the fact that I can have the guts to sing out loud in front of others.  I really learned a lot of new songs so I want to thank everyone!
What changed my life is the fun I had and how many new friends I got.
This week changed my life little by little.  Through the whole summer Iíve been taking risks on solos on the piano and singing.  I also know to drop my jaw when singing.  I never thought I would enjoy church music and plays.  Thank you lots.
While I was in Choir Camp, I learned that songs can be, in a way, prayers.  I also found out that Choir Camp can be fun if you make the most of it.
Camp helped me in my singing.  I have realized a change in my voice.
Camp has taught me to stand out when Iím singing.  Also not to be shy when Iím singing.  Camp has given me a reason to live!

TO OTHER Campers

Dear fellow Choir Campers, It was great getting to know many of you new to Choir Camp.  Even thought I might not see some of you for a while, Iíll remember the fun times.  Hope to see most of you at choir, and choir camp next year.  J
To my fellow campers, I have enjoyed spending time with all of you this week.  Your smiles and voices have made me want to work to the best of my ability.  You are all amazing singers, and I hope that you continue to grace everyone with your heavenly voices.  ďWhat we are is Godís gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God.Ē  You have all become amazing singers and I know God has enjoyed your gift as much as I have.
I want to thank all of the campers for being such good friends to me at all times so I just want to thank those people!
Dear Fellow Campers, Thank you so much for making this camp as exciting as it has been.  I met a lot of new faces, and I enjoyed every minute with you.  I hope to come back next year so that I can sing with you again.
Thank you Schola Cantorum people.  Itís been fun and great Daniel performance!
Dear friends at Choir Camp, I had fun hanging out this week
Dear everyone I talked to at Choir Camp, It has been really fun to hang out with you guys this week.  Iíve had a lot of good memories with you.  Weíve had a lot of good laughs.  I hope Iíll see all of you next year.
Thank you for a great time.  I have had a lot of fun and have made a lot of new friends.  Everybody is really nice to me.  You have been really supportive.
Dear Campahs, You were so nice and cool to hang out with for a week.  Every day was original and fun thanks to all of you.  Thanks a BUNCHES J !!!  Eveyrone thanks for everything.  Youíre the BEST.  Yaay!  One of the best weeks of the summah.
Dear Schola Cantorum Choir Campers, thanks for being so nice to me this week.  It was really nice of you to include me in everything.
Dear All Schola Campers, I had a great time getting to know you guys so well and then I have to go and it ends.  you are all just great people and very great singers.  Well, I guess Iíll just see some of you at church.
Our camp members are all very supporting and I am glad that they are.
To all the campers, Schola, Gregory and Cecilia, thanks so much for being so good, and well behaved you are, and for the respect you showed to everyone else.  I am amazed @ how much you learned.  Keep up the good work.  I had a lot of fun!
Dear Schola students, This is really fun!  The Daniel Play is really fun!  I like practicing.  And I hope the real play is good too!
Dear Schola Campers, I want to thank you all for being kind and supportive of everyone when we sing.  I also want to thank you for not goofing off and wasting everyoneís time and patience.  I hope to see some of you next year.
Thank you, Schola people, for making this a fun experience.
To all the campers:  Hope to see you again!
Thanks for all the funÖ I donít have much more to say, but thanks
Dear Campers, Thanks for helping me get through this I have also made some friends.  This has been a great experience
Thank you for the fun, the food, and the drinks.  This week has been really fun for me, and all the campers have made it be that way.  It makes me want to come back again and again.  Thanks.
Campers, I will really miss you.  I made a ton of new friends and I hope I can keep in contact with everyone.  I think we will all break a leg on the Play of Daniel.
To the Schola Cantorum Choir:  It has been fun this year.  I especially love, but not in that sorta way, all the comedians and jokers in this choir.  We had fun times and funny times, good times and great times.  I hope to come back next YEAR!
Dear Schola Camp people, I enjoyed singing with all of you.  I like meeting all of you too.  It was fun.  I wish to meet you again someday.  You all were cool and awesome. J
Dear Campers, I thank you all for being so kind to me and how some of you befriended me.  I also would like to thank you for not making fun of me when I sang my very screechy solo!  You have made me feel welcome in the choir and made me feel included.  I am really happy that you have all been soooo wonderful to me through EVERYTHING!
Dear all other campers, this week was one of the most exciting weeks of Choir Camp ever and Iíve been here for 3 years.  So thank you and keep in touch.  I will miss you guys!
Dear Campers, thank you for being nice and friendly to me and letting me be your friend.  Thank you for everything, I enjoyed it here.
Dear Schola Members, Thanks for being great people and making this week fun.
Dear Campers, I had a lot of fun getting to know you this week.  I made some new friends and Iím really glad that I got to meet you.  You made camp a lot of fun.  Thank you!  You are AMAZING!
I really enjoyed having fun with you guys.  I met new friends.  You guys (almost everyone) all made me laugh.  I donít know what else to write!
Fellow campers, thanks for making this a good experience.
Dear Schola Campers, I had a really fun time this week hanging out with all of you.  I enjoyed this week a lot.  Without every single one of you, this week would not have been the same.  I had lotsa laughs and Iím happy!  I hope to see you all again!  Especially my buddies!  Plus my buddies in the younger choirs!  Iíll miss you all!
Dear Schola Campers, I would like to say I had fun and that all of us did a great job.  I had fun spending time with all of you and that all of you did a great job in singing.  Taking up your time to go to Choir Camp is really appreciated.  I never thought it would be this fun but I underestimated it.  I really hope I can see most of you in the regular Schola Choir this coming up year in September I think.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks!

Dear Ms. Sunde,

Thank you for coming and doing this camp. I learned a lot, I don't know where to begin!  I also really liked just coming, because it was always nice to come, and have a good time.  You are always smiling.  Thanks.

Thank you so much for an opportunity like this.  I really enjoyed practicing for the Play of Daniel.  I love putting costumes on and singing like at Great Music.  Something new I learned this week was singing better Latin.  Summer Camp wouldn't have been the same without you!

Thank you for all you have done.  I really enjoyed this experience and making new friends.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend this camp.  I loved it, to be honest.  No one could have done a better job.  Thanks a lot!

I learned new music this week.  My favorite is "For the Beauty of the Earth."  Thank you for being so super!

Thank you for taking your time and teaching us how to sing.  I learned how to sing out instead of being shy and keeping my voice in.  I enjoyed your presence and how you make everything fun.  Thank you!

Thank you for conducting me and the choir.  I learned that singing can be changed just by putting your heart into it!  I enjoyed all the fun singing we did.  I will see you this fall!

When I first got here I was scared and you taught me to be brave.  You are the best!

I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed having you as our conductor.  I enjoyed learning new music.  Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for teaching us lots of new songs like "For the Beauty of the Earth," I just love that song.  Also, you, Ms. Sunde, always have the guts to show God's gift of singing.

Thank you for all that you have done to help us learn great music and how to sing it.  You have trained us well.

Thank you very much for inviting me to this camp.  I'm loving it here, making new friends, singing and trying new things like acting in a play.  I'm glad you invited me.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to sing with the Schola Cantorum Choir for this camp.  I feel as if I have really grown as a singer under your guidance.  I have enjoyed the variety of songs that we have sung, especially "For the Beauty of the Earth."

I would like to thank you for helping me to appreciate my voice a little bit more, and for helping to improve my voice and my knowledge of Latin and how to help me sing properly.  Again I thank you for everything that you have done because I am sooooooooooo appreciative of that!  I can never thank you enough for you have really (I'm serious) made a BIG mark in my life in the best way possible. Thank you!!!