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Please be patient!  Photos will take a few moments to download...

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the greatest days of our Church year.

For the first time, the solemn procession at the 10:00am Mass
begins in the new courtyard. Today, Cathedral piper Tyrone Heade
is the piper on the roof!

The Elect, in their brown robes, gather with the rest of the faithful.

The Cathedral Brass announce the arrival of Archbishop Brunett and the ministers.

All raise their palm branches aloft for the prayer of blessing.

Archbishop Brunett sprinkles the palms with holy water

Father Ryan proclaims the Gospel of the Lord's entry into Jerusalem

The ministers lead the people in procession through the courtyard
to the west entrance of the Cathedral

The faithful pass through the Ceremonial Bronze Doors--opened only on the most solemn occasions of the year--into the Cathedral.

The reading of the Passion forms a contrast to the joyful procession of palms
which begins the celebration

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All photos copyright (c) St. James Cathedral, Seattle, 2006


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