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Please be patient... photos will take a few moments to download.

Twenty children of our parish make their first communion today.  They're excited and a bit nervous as they gather in the vestibule for the procession.

At the beginning of Mass we are sprinkled with holy water that reminds us of our baptism.

Taking a moment to look up at the oculus!

It's traditional to dress our best for First Communion.  Here, the girls wear beautiful white dresses.  It helps us to remember how special and how beautiful we are in God's eyes.

In his homily, Father Ryan talked to children making their first communion,
and mentioned each one by name.

The children light candles, another reminder of the day of baptism.

"The Lord is my light, my light and salvation:
in God I trust!"

The children renew the promises of their baptism.  When they were baptized, their parents made these promises for them.  Now that they're old enough, they speak for themselves.

This is what it's all about:  coming forward for the first time to receive the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist.

After communion, we always remember to say "thank you"
to Jesus for this great gift of his body and blood.

Comparing notes in the vestibule after the Mass.

Congratulations, First Communicants!!

All photos copyright (c) St. James Cathedral, 2006


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