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Message from Ms. Sunde

Chimwemwe!!!  I think my favorite part of today was when I was at the ambo singing the psalm "I rejoiced when I heard them say..." and I looked into the East and saw forty-three of the greatest kids I've ever met singing from their hearts and praising God.  We've still got lots to learn and do, so get some sleep and I'll see you first thing in the morning!!

How singing helps me pray

  • I'm pretty sure that when I'm singing, there are angels singing with me, and since they're in Heaven, I'm close to God.
  • Singing helps me pray because I can express my feelings.
  • I think that if you are singing to God in Jesus, then you are praying, especially if you are in a Church environment.
  • Singing brings a lot of holy spirit in it.
  • Singing helps me pray because it is like rejoicing to God!  I feel more open and like I'm sharing with others.
  • You pray about God and you sing about God!
  • Singing helps me pray by giving me a way to pray and by giving me a chance to use the gifts God has given me.
  • It helps me get closer to God; it also strengthens my faith in Him.
  • Singing helps me pray because everybody singing sounds very pretty, which brings me closer to God.
  • Singing helps me pray by making it fun and energetic!
  • Singing is an amazing way to pray.  When you praise God in a song it has so much more power than just praying.  You can gather together or just sing by yourself, but it always works, no matter who you are or how you sing.
  • Singing and praying are the same; however, singing helps us pray because we can use music for that prayer.

Today's pictures

This morning's surprise:  a visit from Officer Kevin Smith.  It's nice to know that he's around the Cathedral and we can always ask him for help.

Morning Praise with Lita McBride.  She talked about how we can use the gifts God has given us to praise him.

Singing the Introit before the 12:10pm Mass.  Many of us were baptized in this font!

We process into the Cathedral two by two.

Corinna Laughlin taught us about Mother Mary Rose, the nun who founded the Sisters of the Holy Names.  This icon tells the story of her whole life in pictures.

We crowd around to see the details.  Click here to explore the icon online!

One of our favorite pieces is also the most difficult:  the Malawian song has tricky rhythms (which are really cool).  Gerald Macheso, our Cathedral sacristan, came in today to talk about his home parish in Malawi and check out our pronunciation.  He said we did great!

Every time the Britten Choir sings "Chimwemwe!!!!" it makes us giggle.  Happy DAY!!!

Writing our thoughts and thank yous is a quiet way to end an exciting and busy day.

Choral Scholars for Thursday.  You guys will do a great job!

These singers from the Palestrina Choir did a great job with solo work during their class time.  Way to go!

Thank you, Mr. Ford
Mr. Paul Ford wrote "Within Your Temple."  Visit the FRIDAY page to see some of his answers to our questions!

  • Thank you so much for composing the Introit "Within Your Temple."  It is very beautiful and we sing it every day at Morning Praise at our Choir Camp at St. James Cathedral.  I hope that we get to sing more of the music that you composed and thank you again for writing such beautiful music.
  • How did you make your song "Within Your Temple"?  I think your music is one of the best music I have ever heard.  How old were you when you started composing music?
  • Dear Mr. Ford, the song that you wrote or made was a delightful thing that you did it was also so wonderful.
  • Thank you for writing us music and for being kind to us.  You are a great friend.
  • Thank you for sharing one of your songs with us called "Within Your Temple."  It is neat because that is our theme this year in Choir Camp!
  • Thank you for gifting St. James Cathedral (and us kids at Choir Camp) with your talent of music.  "Within Your Temple" is a beautiful song, and absolutely fitting for our week's theme of Choir Camp.
  • I am in the Schola Cantorum camp at St. James Cathedral.  During Morning Praise and Mass we sing the Introit you wrote.  This year the theme is "Within Your Temple."  So this is how your Introit ties in.  Thank you for writing that beautiful music.
  • I would just like to thank you for writing such beautiful music.  I hope you are able to hear us sing it someday.
  • Thank you for letting us sing what you wrote.
  • Thank you for writing the song "Within Your Temple."  It's really good, and I really like to sing it.
  • I really want to meet you.  I love your music.
  • Keep writing good songs for us to sing!
  • Hope you're having a fantastic summer.  You are cool guy!  I really like what you do.
  • Dear Mr. Ford, I really like your music.  It sounds peaceful and relaxing.
  • "Within Your Temple" is a lovely piece, and I hope to discover more of your music one day.  Again, thanks!

Thank you, Mrs. Manuel!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to come help us.  The PE toys were fun and enjoyable.  You are very much appreciated.
  • Thank you for the wonderful time during PE and thank you for coming even though it's pretty far away.
  • Thank you for bringing all the fun stuff and teaching us cool games.  Jump roping is really fun and so are the foot walkers.
  • We all appreciate your volunteering.  You're a great role model for kids.  Thanks!
  • Thank you SO MUCH for bringing all the fun activities for recess.  WAY COOL.
  • Thanks for helping us make a lot of fun.
  • Thank you so much for helping with our camp.  It wouldn't be as fun without you.  You really made my first year at Choir Camp extremely fun.
  • Thank you for providing the recess equipment.
  • You are a sweet PE person.  I've had lots of fun with the things you've provided me.
  • Thanks for planning the PE in the summer.  It helps like at a school day, to keep more active. Thanks for the walkers and the jump ropes.
  • Thank you for volunteering here at St. James.  We all really appreciate it.  You are very kind to do this in helping us to make sure that we have a great time here at St. James.
  • I really wanted to express just how much you mean to this camp.  You are a really fun lady and friend.
  • Dear Mrs. Manuel, thank you for giving us your time, in providing us with "toys" for PE exercise.  It is critical for singers, as it strengthens the lungs, and the rest of the body.  You are helping us to become better singers!  Again, thank you so much.  We all appreciate what you are doing.

check back tomorrow for more exciting pictures and stories!

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