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Message from Dr. Savage

So many joyful and beautiful sounds all day long.  The chant "Within your temple" at morning praise, the Malawian Easter song, the Orff percussion groups, and the wonderful, joyful sound of laughter in the Archbishop Murphy Courtyard during recess.

Message from Mr. Ochs

The first two days of camp have been awesome!!  I've learned a ton and I can't wait for the next couple of days.

Message from Ms. Sunde

CHI-MWE-M-WE!!!!!  You guys ROCKED on "Let's Praise Christ with Joy"--the Malawian piece.  I can't wait to teach you the rest of the Malawian tomorrow and Mr. Macheso (our sacristan from Malawi) is coming to hear us tomorrow afternoon.  Also, the recording session was FANTASTIC.  It was really hard work, but you really focused on always trying to make the music more and more beautiful each time we recorded it.  Thank you for the beautiful singing in morning praise.  Please go to sleep, get lots of rest, and see you bright and early!

Message from Mr. Kraus

Piano students:  don't forget to practice your piano piece so you can play it on the organ!

Today's pictures...
special thanks to Mrs Newhall for taking GREAT photos today!

Our morning began with a surprise visit from Stephen Cavit.  In addition to singing in the Cathedral Choir, Mr. Cavit is a talented composer who has written music for many films--and for St. James Cathedral, too!  He is going to help us make a recording this week.

At morning prayer, Father Brant taught us about the meaning of the sign of the cross.

When we touch our hearts as we make the sign of the cross, we remember how much Jesus loves us.

Choir Camp is all about singing!

Each day of camp, we get better at reading music and singing together.

Taking a break in the Archbishop Murphy Courtyard.

Father Ryan takes a turn at the jump rope...


In the afternoon we had a recording session in the Cathedral.

Recording is a complicated business!

And after the recording... we climbed up into the (not-so-scary) attic.

Learning to be conductors.  Can you remember how to conduct a 3- and a 4-pattern?

Mrs. Newhall led us through some fun rhythm exercises.  You really have to watch to be able to keep up!

"A volunteer, please!"

Singing the Malawian Easter song.  "Why are you looking for the living Christ where the dead do rest in the tomb?  Christ is risen; now the tomb is empty!"

Choral Scholars for Wednesday.  You guys have a big day ahead of you!

Overheard at Choir Camp

  • Is the Cathedral more older than God?
  • Do they hide dead bodies in the altar?
  • Camp is like a music carnival.
  • If we sing like angels, does that mean we'll get to heaven faster?
  • Can we sing for the Bishop every day?
  • I think God lives in that part of the Church. (pointing to the altar)
  • Is Mozart still alive?
  • When I grow up I am going to be a camp counselor like the older kids.
  • I can see the birds up here!
  • My favorite thing was the African piece of music.
  • I'm so hungry I could eat my folder.
  • Father Brant reminds me of my grandpa.
  • Tomorrow I am going to be better so I can have a award.
  • I hope we will get to go to Mass soon!
  • Camp should be for a whole year.
  • I like the foot wheel activity.
  • Which girl is older? (about the twins)
  • Can we have camp be overnight?

Check back tomorrow for MORE ADVENTURES!

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