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Message from Ms. Sunde

WOW!!!  I can hardly believe that tomorrow is our last day of camp. I hope that each of you has had as much fun as I have.  You have learned SO much, been so respectful of each other, and been extremely fun!  Speaking of fun, let's make tomorrow the best camp day ever!  Get lots of sleep and remember to eat a GOOD breakfast!

Today's Pictures

Ms. Agenbroad paid a surprise visit with a beautiful quilt some of us helped make!

This morning's surprise:  Mr. Schmeeckle ROCKED on the "trap set."

Ms. Oesterle led us in Morning Prayer today.  She told us about St. Lawrence, who helped the poor and who gave his life for his faith.  There's a picture of St. Lawrence with his gridiron in the Renaissance painting in the Chapel!  Click here to explore the Renaissance painting and hear the saints tell their stories.

Learning Orff with Dr. Savage.  He taps the mallets together to say (quietly), WELL DONE!!!

Singing the Introit at the 12:10pm Mass. "Within your temple we recall your loving kindness O God our God!"

Father Steve Woodland presided at the Mass.  We all love happy endings!  God loves happy endings, too!  But as Jesus reminds Peter in today's Gospel, sometimes we have to suffer before we reach our goal--Heaven!

On the way to the Pastoral Outreach Center...

...where we learned who the patron saints of RADIO, TV, and E-MAIL were.  Can you remember?  Highlight here to see answers in invisible ink: Radio--Saint Gabriel, TV--Saint Clare, E-MAIL--St. Isidore of Seville. 

And a big surprise... all the way from Austria, it's Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (and his little dog, too!).

Mozart celebrates his 250th birthday this year.  With him are the campers celebrating summer birthdays.

Having fun at P.E.

Choral Scholars for Friday.  Tomorrow, it's your turn to lead us here, there, everywhere!

Thank you, Mr. Schmeeckle!
  • Hi, Mr. S!  Thank you for the morning surprise.  It was really cool.  I never knew that the word trapset comes from "contraption."  Also, I never heard some one play Malawian music before.  Thank you for being our percussion teacher.
  • Mr. S--I love the drum class.  It's my favorite class. Thanks!
  • Dear Mr. S, you were awesome!  You showed me new stuff--like the brush stick.
  • Thank you for playing your drums in the morning surprise.  It was "tizight."  I really like your drum class. You've taught me a lot about drums and I really like the song we're going to perform on Friday.  You're a nice teacher--your class is really cool.
  • I like the way you played this morning.  Your drum class was cool and cracking and banging.  It was one of the best rotation classes.  You're a very patient and nice teacher, especially with our crazy brainbilling class.  Keep doing what you do.
  • Dear Mr. S, Thank you for the morning surprise. It was GREAT!  You are meant for the drums.  I really like your music.  You should be in a band.  Oh, you might already be in a band!

Thank you, Dr. Savage!

  • Dear Dr. Savage, thank you for all the time you put in this camp for the kids.  Sorry about your leg.
  • Dear Dr. Savage, I love Orff, and I'm glad you took the time to write us the music to play on them. Thanks a lot.
  • Mr. Savage, I  like the Orff instruments a lot and think that this camp is really cool.  Thanks for letting us come.
  • Dear Dr. Savage, thank you for such cool xylophone music and for helping make the camp fun.  We like your class.
  • Dear Dr. Savage, thanks for getting us to camp and for letting us go to great places like the attic and roof.
  • Dear Dr. Savage, I think the Orff stuff was my favorite, but it was hard at first.  Thanks for being patient.
  • Dear Mr. Savage, thanks for letting us kids have camp here.  It means a lot for us to be able to come here to sing and have fun.
  • Dear Dr. Savage, the Orff stuff was extra-cool this year.  I especially like the glockenspiel parts.

Jackson, Mozart's Dog

Everyone is invited to the 12:10pm Mass for the Feast of St. Clare tomorrow, Friday!
Tell your family and friends!

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