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Things I learned today
  • I learned chords on the instrument and more about note value
  • How to ring a handbell
  • A few words in Latin
  • How to play instruments
  • I learned gonging and all different kind of notes
  • I learned how to say ďheavínsĒ
  • I learned how to be a better fast singer. Itís like you have to be looking for where youíre going next but also be focused
  • I learned that even just a tiny bend in your posture can affect the way you breathe and sing
  • I learned how to read music and how to play drums
  • I learned to open my mouth!
  • I learned how to hit a drum and I learned how to count beats
  • I learned two new songs
  • I learned what a half note is and full note is and songs
  • I learned drums are made of skin!
  • I learned how to play the xylophone
  • I learned what a rest looks like
  • I learned that my choir name is Italian (Palestrina)
  • I learned a couple of new patterns of notes
  • I learned how to hit a good note without hurting myself
  • I learned more stuff than I can tell
  • I learned how to play a handbell
  • I learned about vowel shapes to use when I am singing
  • I learned how to sing in Latin
  • I learned a new song and a new song
  • Latin and songs
  • I learned about beats and notes by comparing them to an apple
  • I learned other peoplesí names and talked with them
  • I learned how to breathe while singing
  • I learned a part of the song ďExultate justi in DominoĒ
  • I learned how to play the glockenspiel
  • I learned that in the handbells you have to ďflingĒ your wrist
  • I learned that alto metallophones are smaller than tenor metallophones
  • I learned that glockenspiels are the smallest of metallophones and xylophones
  • I learned that you donít have to be afraid of singing by yourself. No one will make fun of you
  • In drums you would hit your fingers on the drum to make a big noise

Today's Pictures

At Morning Praise, Father Ryan asked us what makes a church holy.  There are lots of good answers, but the most important thing is the community praying together.

The warm-up exercises help our voices stay healthy and encourage us to listen carefully to ourselves and each other.

We break into small groups.  Here, the Palestrina group learns drumming.  "Why don't you stay in school so why don't you stay in school?!"  Can you remember the rhythms we learned from Mr. Schmeeckle today?

The Britten group learns about handbells from Mr Kraus... DON'T TOUCH THE METAL PART OF THE BELL!

The Mozart Group learns the Orff instruments.  F sharp or F natural?

When we applaud each other, we tap our mallets lightly together.

The Hildegard group studies voice with Mrs. Newhall.

Ms. Manuel leads us in PE in the afternoon.

We write notes to Archbishop Brunett.

Getting ready to sing for Archbishop Brunett.  (The folks in blue shirts are our volunteer helpers.  THANK YOU!!)

Singing the Canticle of Zechariah.  "Blest be the God of Israel, the ever-living Lord."

A very appreciative audience!  Archbishop Brunett, Bishop Tyson, Father Ryan, and Father Magnano.

Everyone who is at Choir Camp for the first time this year, raise your hand!

Archbishop Brunett was happy to have our letters and notes and promised to read them carefully!

Choral Scholars ham it up.  They will have added responsibilities tomorrow, leading their groups in procession and being a good example of a choral singer.

Thank you, Father Ryan!
  • Dear Father Ryan, thanks for making it possible to have choir camp this year and other years too! Thanks for believing in us! And thinking we can be great singers!!
  • Thank you Father Ryan for helping us with Mass this morning. It really meant a lot to us that you should take time out of your day to help a bunch of kids.
  • Thanks
  • Father Ryan is a very nice person. We all love him very much. Thank you Father Ryan for being our pastor for a long time. We appreciate it.
  • Thank you
  • Dear Father Ryan, I like you being the pastor of this church. I thaink you for telling me how old you are. I like how you preach. I would like you to preach to us one day at camp. I didnít know Archbishop Brunett and Bishop Tyson until I met them today.
  • Thank you Father Ryan for making this camp possible, because it has been very fun so far.
  • Dear Father Ryan, thank you very much for being so kind to everyone. It means a lot to be kind to people. Also, thank you so much for being such a great priest!!
  • Thank you Father Ryan for helping with the camp
  • Thank you Father Ryan for supporting choir camp. It is very fun.
  • Thank you Father Mike for making this camp possible
  • Thank you for being our priest. Hope you have a great summer.
  • Dear Father Ryan, thank you for the morning prayer.
  • Dear Father Ryan, thank you for being our pastor in many ways. I really appreciate it!
  • Father Ryan, thank you for believing in our singing. We wouldnít have this amazing camp without you! I canít express my gratitude toward you for helping us with the camp!
  • Father Ryan, thank you for helping make this choir camp possible for all the kids that like to sing. Also, thank you for letting there be a Morning Praise.
  • Father Ryan, Thank you for making this choir camp. You are great!
  • Dear Father Ryan, thank you for supporting Schola Cantorum choir camp this year.
  • Thank you, Father Ryan, for supporting the choir camp. Choir camp is a fun way to meet new kids and make more friends.
  • Dear Father Ryan, Thank you for making the opportunity for me and others to go to camp.
  • Dear Father Ryan, For the past few years you have taught me so much morally. Iím glad that I got to see you at camp because you brighten my day. Being in your presence uplifts any atmosphere. Camp would certainly not be the same without you! My best wishes for you.
  • Dear Father Ryan, Thank you for all your work on the church. No one can ever replace your job as priest.
  • Dear Father Ryan, Thank you for blessing Saint James Cathedral with your time, servanthood, faith, and leadership. You are a wonderful beacon of Godís light.
  • Dear Father Ryan, All of us appreciate the work that you do here. You are the nicest priest Iíve ever met.
  • Dear Father Ryan, I am overjoyed to be at this camp. I love how I can be more confident and open with all the kids here. Thank you for making this camp possible.
  • Dear Father Ryan, I have only seen 3 priests and one of those is you. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for this parish.
  • Dear Father Ryan, I hope you are having a great summer. You help us so much by doing mass in the morning.
  • Dear Father Ryan, thank you so much for making this camp possible. God Bless You!

How I felt before camp started: How I feel now:

Bored, sleepy
I felt excited and all
I felt shy and a little bit scared
I felt a little bit nervous before I came to camp today
I was excited and really wanted to learn more about music

Very, very happy
Awesome and really fun
Iím really happy Iím back
So So
Thankfulness to God through music
I am excited and I have learned a lot and really want to come back tomorrow!
Now I feel glad

Be sure to come back tomorrow!

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