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On April 8, 2005, a few parishioners and staff gathered with Sister Anne and Father Ryan to bless the work that was about to begin to transform the Cathedral convent into the Pastoral Care Center.

The work begins.  Stephen Lee, architect, and the design team, hammered out every detail of this complex project in countless hours of meetings, consultations, and site visits.

Demolition took several weeks.  On May 18, workers are busy re-grading the convent yard.  Gene Colin of Ferguson Construction made a tremendous contribution to the project by generously waiving the contractors' fees.

The building was stripped down "to the studs."  All new electrical, plumbing, heating, and sprinkler systems were installed.

On June 2, framing for the upstairs offices and tutoring rooms is in place.

On July 2, Architect Stephen Lee and Father Ryan survey the courtyard from the gutted 2nd floor (formerly the Sisters' dining room).

On August 3, the beautiful reception space on the 2nd floor begins to take shape as coffering is built into the ceiling and the walls are covered with drywall.

On August 24, the framework for the copper archway is in place over the new main entrance to the Pastoral Care Center.

As the date of the dedication draws near, workers labor late into the night.  Here, craftsmen shape the stone panels for the new fireplace on the 2nd floor.

On November 9, the beautiful grove in the courtyard is planted.

On November 11, the stone donor memorial is installed in the courtyard.


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