Schola Cantorum CHOIR CAMP:  Wednesday, August 11


Greetings, Campers, from a prominent Northwest singer

I stopped by Monday afternoon and sang the Biebl Ave Maria with the campers! They were very attentive to Ms. Sunde's direction and sounded glorious! I understood that some of them had only seen the music for a very short time, before I arrived! (You may quote me, if you like.)

A search of the Internet will quickly reveal that there is nothing like our wonderful music camp - anywhere! We can be very proud of our kids and proud, too, of the visionaries, whose inspiration, artistry, scholarship, and spirit lead the way for our new generations of musicians... I am proud to be associated with such a wonderful place as St James!

from Cathedral Tenor Howard Fankhauser

Hello from the Cathedral's Director of Liturgy

I was amazed at how you remembered EVERY SINGLE THING I told you about our wonderful saint, Mother Cabrini!  You even remembered what I didn't tell you, and that's even more amazing!  (I didn't tell you the name of the hotel she bought--the Perry.)  Here's a brand new fact:  Mother Cabrini turned the Perry into a hospital which she named after Christopher Columbus!  And believe it or not, Father Ryan was born in that same hospital.

Dr. Corinna Laughlin

...and from Ms. Sunde

Three days down and two to go!  We're much farther than I expected we'd be with our music making.  I never imagined we'd be able to sing the entirety of "Eternal Father," but you quickly proved me wrong.  I look forward to the next two days and all the surprises that will come.  You're AWESOME!

Ms. Sunde

Things we learned today:
Mother Cabrini wanted to be a missionary who would go to China.
Today I learned about Mother Cabrini and what year she came to Seattle (1903) and when she left (1916).
I learned that Frances Xavier Cabrini started schools and hospitals.
I learned Mass is shorter when it isn't Sunday.
I learned that Mother Cabrini was located in three different places in the Cathedral.
Mother Cabrini dreamed of going to China but never did.
Piano students got to play the organ!
Mother Cabrini died in 1917.

Pictures for today:

At Morning Praise each day, we place our candles before the image of St. Cecilia, patron of musicians.

Todd Strange, a seminarian from St. James who is studying to become a priest, was our surprise this morning.  Todd brought Olga and Agap, who work at Swedish Hospital as therapy dogs.

Everyone got to pet Olga and Agap, who were featured in the newspaper!  Todd adopted both dogs from an animal shelter.

What's the story behind this picture?  Special thanks to Brocklind's, Inc. for the historic costumes.

A baseball player and three elegant ladies meet for a chat in 1904.

The valiant police officer is determined to get these ladies to the tea party in safety.

"I once caught a fish THIS BIG."

"How beautiful are the feet..."  Can you remember whose feet these are?

We all have different jobs:  Ms. Sunde conducts, Mr. Kraus accompanies, and we SING.

This is how the world looks from Ms. Sunde's perspective.

Icon bearer of the day.  Thank you for being a model of a person with a song in her heart!

Another great singer with a song in her heart!  Congratulations!

The Choral Scholars for Wednesday.  Great job, scholars!

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