Schola Cantorum CHOIR CAMP: Tuesday, August 10


Words of the day:
Adventurous - Interesting - Great - Awesome day - Great - Fascinating - Exhausting - Superdee-dooper! - Hot - Cool - Exciting - Fab - Fabulo - Enlightening - Funny - Exciting - Interesting - Boiling - Coolio

Things we learned today:
Today I learned that there used to be paintings on the walls of the old Cathedral.
Today I learned that they put fake columns in the Church and no one could see the altar, so then they took the fake columns out.
I learned all about the old Dome.
I learned that there are six stained glass windows in the Church that are darker than all the rest.  They have secret rooms behind them.
I learned that in the early 1900s, the giant Dome that used to be on the top of St. James fell in because of a snow storm.
I learned about organ pipes.
I am VERY thankful we got to ring a bell and go into the attic.  Thanks!
I am freakishly scared of heights.
I learned how to play the handbells.
I learned that the Cathedral ceiling used to be about 20 feet higher and that the altar was in a different place.


At morning praise today, Rosanne Michaels from the Religious Education department helped us all listen to "the song in our heart."

Our cantor, Alex Mansoori, sings Psalm 84.  Alex is going back to school at Juilliard in New York City on Wednesday.  Juilliard is one of the most prestigious places to study music in the world!

Cathedral parishioners in 1904.  The baseball player is getting arrested for stealing a base (lol) while two elegant ladies express disapproval.  Special thanks to Brocklind's, Inc. for the historic costumes.

Seattle, 1904.  Do NOT smile for the camera.  Do NOT say cheese.

These kids of 1904 look like they might have something up their sleeve.  "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!"

Back to work:  Mr. Kraus taught us about the organs of the Cathedral.  The Cathedral has a replica of a medieval organ.

We study voice, sight reading, musicianship, rhythm, and lots more.

The miter and the crosier are symbols of leadership in the Church.  These campers were leaders for all of us today!

Choral scholars for Tuesday.  Great job, scholars!!

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