Schola Cantorum CHOIR CAMP:  Thursday, August 12


A few words about Choir Camp from the Campers

A few words?  Then I would say "thank you."  And not only say it, but sing it out loud in glory!  For I can see with amazing clarity that my voice was a gift from Him intended to be used well.  Thank you for showing me this.
I wish that Choir Camp was longer.  It was cool to see the attic!
I think it was really special that we each got to ring the pioneer bell because I have always wanted to do that.  I wish we could have gone to the Frye Art Museum... I liked dressing up!
During this week I have really enjoyed the privilege to ring the bell and climb to the attic.  I still wish we could have gone to the bell tower, though.
What I enjoyed this week:  going up to the attic, dressing up and having our pictures taken, looking at the website, singing new songs, listening to the organ players, meeting Olga and Agape, and going up to the roof.  Suggestions:  Maybe next year we can help prepare a meal at the Family Kitchen.
I really thought it was cool how everyone here was so welcoming and kind.  I made lots of friends.
I thought Choir Camp was pretty fun.  But we had to work extremely hard--in the heat! Plus we were tired!  I liked snack and break--that was the highlight of my day.
I liked learning new songs.
I am thankful for having the wonderful opportunity to get into this music camp and learning to play the Orff instruments and bells.
It was very cool to be able to go into the attic, bell tower, and on the roof.  I thought it was very fun.
I am glad that today we got to practice in the Church.  I also liked playing the Orff instruments during Mass.

What we learned today

Today I played a solo on the Glockenspiel (it's a type of xylophone) at Mass.
I learned you get a better sound with your mouth wide open.
I learned a new song called "Pleasure it is."
The old organist died at the organ on Palm Sunday.
If you have more space between your back teeth, the sound is much more beautiful.
He who sings, prays twice.
I learned about the timeline.

Pictures for today:

What a surprise when instead of Father Ryan, Mr. Kraus, Ms. Sunde, and Ms. Agenbroad, we were treated to a visit from four Seattle pioneers!

Aunt Nellie Cornish and Dr. Franklin Sawyer Palmer were two pioneer musicians in Seattle.  "Aunt Nellie" taught piano, singing, and dance, and founded Cornish College of the Arts.  Dr. Palmer was the Cathedral's first organist.

We got to have our picture taken with these visitors from 100 years ago.

In the Cathedral, we practiced playing the Orff instruments.  Orff instruments are a great way to learn about rhythm, teamwork, and improvisation.

Conductor for the day!  She really got to conduct the Schola Cantorum in the "Amen" from the Corpus Christi Mass.  Congratulations, maestra!

...and to the maestro!

Our Cantors for the Day sang the verses of Psalm 84 at Morning Praise this morning.  Beautiful work, cantors.

And the Choral Scholars for Thursday, who guided us in our processions here, there, and everywhere!

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