Schola Cantorum CHOIR CAMP:  Monday, August 9

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Words to describe Choir Camp:
Cool - Great - Reunion - Fab - Totally awesome - Tiring - Cool - Musical - Fun - Exentric - Pretty Awesome - Exciting - Extradoodle Fun - Hot

Things we learned today:
I learned about Bishop O'Dea and that there is a high school named after him.
There weren't very many bishops who had beards!
I learned that by moving (gliding) your head from side to side it relaxes your neck, jaw, and the back of your neck.
Today I learned that Bishop O'Dea had a dream and that is the reason St. James Church was built.
In a procession, you stand on the second or fourth diamond.
St. James had a bishop named Aegidius Junger (his name rhymes with hideous!).
I learned that Archbishop Connolly was the first Archbishop.
On the floor before you enter the church are the words "gate of heaven."
When you sing, your tongue naturally wants to help you so it goes up.  When you take in a deep breath, your rib cage expands.
I played the drum for the first time.
Archbishop Murphy had the same birthday as me!
I learned that the Orff instruments were blessed and considered holy where they were made.
I found out what Jacob's dream was about.

Things we hope to do this week:
I wish to go digging in the Church attic.  That would be super fun.
I would want to learn EVERYTHING.
I really hope I will be able to please Ms. Sunde and Mr. Savage this week.
I hope we get to climb the tower.  I hope we get to play Cathedral Jeopardy.
I hope this week we get to practice singing in the Church.
I REALLY want to go up to the bell towers.
I hope I improve on my singing skills in Choir Camp.
I hope I get to learn lots of good new songs.
I hope I learn how to sing really hard music and learn more about music.
I hope we get to go on some cool field trips.
I hope to go up to the collapsed dome.
I hope that we get to go into the tower like we did last year.  Everybody loved it.
I'd like to become a better singer.
I hope we get to sing REALLY high.

Pictures for today:

The day started with Morning Praise.  Father Ryan lit our candles.

Singing "Jesus, your light," we processed from the font into the Chapel.  There, Father Ryan told us about Jacob's dream and Bishop O'Dea's dream.

After a morning of practicing, we had a snack in the Bishops' Parlor.  We learned facts about all eight bishops of Seattle.

Do you remember which Bishop he was?  (Hint:  His name rhymes with...)

Not quite enough chairs in the Bishops' parlor--we shared.

After lunch, we went on a field trip to the roof of the Rectory.  There was a great view of downtown.

Dr. Savage taught us about the water tower that used to be across the street.  When the roof got too hot, we went back inside.

Back in the choir room, we sang a lot of different pieces.  Some were familiar, some were brand new.

Everyone liked singing the Alleluias at the end!

The four Choral Scholars for the first day of Choir Camp.

Abbess for O'Dea/A Day :)  Congratulations!

...and Abbot for O'Dea.  Getting your picture taken was serious business one hundred years ago!

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