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Dear Friends,

 “Freely you have received, freely give.” Those words from Matthew’s Gospel speak to me of gratitude. We cannot “freely give” until we recognize that everything we have is a gift from God. This Sacrificial Giving time is an opportunity to reflect in a special way on the gift of our parish community in our lives.

 Our parish isn’t just a place we go on Sundays. If we never knew that before the pandemic, we surely know it now! During these challenging days, we’ve learned that we are a resilient family of faith, and in spite of distance and separation, in spite of the unprecedented challenges we have navigated these past eighteen months, we continue to find a home together: a home where we are nourished, comforted, and challenged; where we are surrounded and supported by a wonderfully diverse community.

Sacrificial Giving is all about our support of this parish family. It’s about giving back to God what God has given to us. Through our gift to the parish, we reach out—together—in the name of Christ to the poor, the elderly, and the immigrant. We celebrate in a powerful way the mysteries of our faith; we guide children and young people in the ways of faith; and we provide a refuge to so many who live on the edge of loneliness in these trying times.

During this year when so many have lost life and so many have lost livelihood, I find myself more grateful than ever before for the gift this parish is to me—the gift YOU are to me! Your support throughout the pandemic is an inspiration. Thank you for your prayerful response and for all the ways you make this parish family what it is.
Father Michael G. Ryan

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Electronic Giving options at St. James Cathedral

For more information on making a pledge for 2022, contact Maria Laughlin, Director of Stewardship and Development, 206-382-4284.




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