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St. James the Greater is the patron saint of our Cathedral and of the entire Archdiocese of Seattle.  He is also the patron saint of Spain and of pilgrims.

But who is Saint James?  Follow the links below to renew your acquaintance with Saint James: his life as revealed by the Gospels; and his amazing life after death, through the devotion that sprang up around his tomb.


Meet St. James!

In this website feature, you can explore the James of the Gospels, as well as a brief history of Santiago de Compostela, where the relics of James are venerated to this day.

The Pilgrim Way of St. James

In this fun feature, you can pray a novena in honor of St. James (beginning July 16) and meet a colorful cast of characters who tell the story of James and of the Camino.

James of Galilee: A Play for Children

This is a play to help you learn more about St. James.
Imagine you are in Galilee, on the shore of a big lake.
You've been out fishing all day.  Suddenly, a man walks by.
He stops, looking intently at you.  He calls your name...


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