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Easter Sunday, 2014

Dear Friends,

It is a joy to welcome you to St. James Cathedral on this Easter of 2014. I do so in the name of our Archbishop, J. Peter Sartain, as well as in my own.

Of all the times we gather as Christian believers, none is more important than Easter — the greatest of all our feasts. Easter celebrates the Mystery that is the very foundation of our Christian faith, for, as St. Paul wrote, “If Christ has not risen, our faith is in vain” (1 Cor. 15:14). But Christ has risen and your presence here in the Cathedral today both affirms and celebrates that most amazing and enduring of all realities! While we do not see him, we know he lives and we know that he is in our midst breathing life and hope into us, walking alongside us on our pilgrimage of faith, our journey toward the Kingdom of God.

I have no way of knowing what is in your heart as you come here on this Easter Sunday. For some, I am sure, there is joy and a keen sense of hope for the future as Spring with its promise of new life is bursting forth all around us. For others, there may be the burden of pain and sadness that comes from a serious illness, a family crisis, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. For still others, this may be the Easter that you have decided to get more serious and intentional about the practice of your Catholic faith — or at least to explore that possibility. If so, good for you! And I can’t help but suspect that Pope Francis and the fresh air he is breathing into the Church may have something to do with that!

Whatever your situation, I hope that Easter of 2014 brings you a measure of joy and peace as well as a renewal of your faith in Christ risen.

And whether you have come here today in joy or sadness, hope or uncertainty, I want you to know how welcome you are. And I hope that you will find here at St. James Cathedral something that will comfort you, challenge you, and lift you up. We live in a world that, while incredibly beautiful, is also seriously flawed. Death and life are never very far away from us, are they? But Easter boldly proclaims that death is not the end of the story. Easter proclaims for all to hear that Life always gets the last word, not death!

My prayer today is that you will be renewed in faith and hope as you celebrate Easter at St. James Cathedral. If you are a visitor, please know that we warmly welcome you and hope that you will return soon — maybe even to become part of this amazing and vibrant community of faith! And if you are already part of the parish family of St. James, I take this opportunity to thank you for all the ways in which you make the Risen Lord Jesus present in this parish and in this city day after day: through your prayer, your faith, and your love that overflow in generous and unselfish service to the poor.

May the blessings of the Risen Lord Jesus be yours in abundance.

Father Michael G. Ryan
Pastor of St. James Cathedral

We are the Cathedral for the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle and its Archbishop, the Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain. We are also a parish church for a vibrant faith community with a long history that reaches back to Seattle’s early days.

We are an inner-city parish with an outreach to many who live on the edge of poverty and loneliness. We are a diverse community that welcomes, accepts, and celebrates the differences we all bring. We exist in the heart of the city, yet sometimes our parishioners come from considerable distances to worship here.

St. James Cathedral is a crossroads where ideas and challenges both old and new are explored in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Cathedral is also the center for many cultural and ecumenical events which both reflect and help to shape a vital metropolitan community.

Above all, St. James Cathedral is a community of prayer.

Cathedral Ministries

A snapshot of how the Gospel is lived out year-round at St. James Cathedral.
To get involved, call 206-622-3559 or visit the website for more information

Liturgy and Music

LITURGICAL MINISTERS. More than four hundred volunteers are involved in the liturgical ministries of the Cathedral as Ushers, Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Readers, Psalmists, Cantors, and Choristers.

CHOIRS. Nine Cathedral choirs, including four adult choirs and five children’s choirs, and the Cathedral’s organists provide a rich range of musical offerings at the Cathedral liturgies as well as at special concerts. In addition, four Resident Ensembles offer sacred music concerts throughout the year.

ST. JAMES YOUTH MUSIC PROGRAM. Two training choirs, the St. Gregory Choir and the St. Cecilia Singers, prepare children to participate in the Schola Cantorum. Jubilate! Young Women’s Ensemble is a choir for young women ages 14-22. Each summer, the Schola Cantorum Choir Camp draws children from around the region for a week of learning and music-making.

Formation in the Catholic Faith

BECOMING CATHOLIC. For adults who have never been baptized or who have been baptized in other Christian churches, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is an open-ended, no-strings-attached process to ask questions and learn more about the Catholic faith.

CHILDREN & YOUTH FAITH FORMATION. A full range of opportunities, including preparation for First Holy Communion, ongoing faith formation classes (Sunday School) from age 4 through grade 12, and Sunday liturgies with special reflections on the Scriptures for children. There are also special formation programs for older children who wish to become part of the Catholic Church through baptism.

RCIA SPONSORS. Sponsors accompany those who are becoming part of the Catholic Church, providing spiritual companionship and prayerful support.

ADULT FAITH FORMATION. Faith Formation is a lifelong process. The Cathedral offers a variety of programs to enrich and deepen understanding of the Catholic faith including Bible study, retreats, workshops and guest speakers.

YOUTH & ADULT CONFIRMATION. Preparation classes are offered each year, beginning in February, for youth aged 16 and older and adults of any age who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

WELCOME BACK TO RETURNING CATHOLICS. Programs to help non-practicing Catholics explore Catholic teaching and return to the sacraments and to regular Mass attendance.

Families & Young Adults

YOUTH MINISTRY empowers the youth of St. James Cathedral to BE the hands and feet of Christ, inviting them to embrace their baptismal priesthood and build the Kingdom of God through activities, events, and programs designed to inspire joyful service, particularly with the poor.

YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY is a community of parishioners in our twenties and thirties who come together to share our Catholic faith, through exploring our spirituality, serving those in need, and building relationships.

WEDDINGS. Couples preparing for the sacrament of marriage are provided with in-depth preparation, including one-on-one interviews and gatherings with other engaged couples.

INFANT BAPTISMS. Each year, nearly one hundred infants and young children are baptized at the Cathedral. A group of staff and volunteers provide training for parents and godparents and prepare them to celebrate the sacrament of Baptism with their children.

MARRIAGE ENRICHMENT. The Cathedral helps couples strengthen their marriages by providing information and resources, and by sponsoring events that foster community among our married parishioners.

MARRIAGE TRIBUNAL ADVOCATES are trained ministers who provide pastoral care to individuals seeking to clarify their marital status and freedom to marry in the Catholic Church. Advocates assist in the preparation of marriage cases presented to the Archdiocesan Marriage Tribunal.

Outreach & Pastoral Care

CATHEDRAL KITCHEN. For nearly 40 years, the volunteers at the Cathedral Kitchen have prepared and served a hot meal to 150 of our low income or homeless neighbors, Monday through Friday.

CATHEDRAL KITCHEN GARDEN. Volunteers grow fresh produce for our Cathedral Kitchen meal program.

EMMAUS COMPANIONS. A team of volunteers are trained to provide welcome, presence, and assistance to individuals alone, in crisis, or in need during weekend Masses.

IMMIGRANT ASSISTANCE (formerly St. James ESL) Volunteers help immigrants to learn English, learn about life in the U.S., become citizens, access immigrant legal and other assistance, and connect to community resources.

FUNERAL & GRIEF SUPPORT. The Cathedral supports parishioners who have experienced a loss through preparation of the funeral liturgies, hospitality for families and visitors after funerals, and regular grief support offerings.

HEALTH & HEALING MINISTRY. Volunteers with expertise in health care host a wide range of offerings through the year, including Blood Drives, an annual Health and Healing Fair, and educational opportunities.

HOUSING ADVOCACY COMMITTEE. An Action Alert Network and a variety of other activities provide ways for parishioners to advocate for an increase in low-income housing and an end to homelessness in our community.

OPERATION NIGHTWATCH HOMELESS MINISTRY. For decades, Operation Nightwatch has helped the homeless people of Seattle. Cathedral volunteers support this important program by providing a warm meal and sandwiches on the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

LIFE, PEACE, AND JUSTICE COMMITTEE promotes the full spectrum of Catholic Social Teaching through educational and advocacy opportunities.

MENTAL HEALTH MINISTRY. The parish Mental Health ministry provides preventative and supportive mental health care individually and in groups, and also educates to dispel the stigma and myths surrounding mental illness.

PREGNANCY SUPPORT MINISTRY. Volunteers provide ongoing practical assistance and emotional support to pregnant and newly parenting women in need.

SANDWICHES FOR ST. MARTIN de PORRES SHELTER. Twice a month, volunteers provide and serve sandwiches for the men staying at St. Martin’s.

SOLANUS CASEY CENTER. The Cathedral’s drop-in center, located on James Street at Terry Avenue, provides information, referral and ministry of presence to homeless persons.

ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY. The Cathedral parish is home to two conferences of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, one serving the downtown area, the other First Hill. Volunteer Vincentians offer information referral, spiritual support, and financial assistance to low income neighbors through home visits.

SUNDAY MINISTRY TO THE ELDERLY & HOMEBOUND. Drivers provide transportation to and from Sunday Mass for elderly neighbors, while other volunteers prepare audio recordings of the Mass and bring Holy Communion to those who are homebound.

VOLUNTEER CHORE MINISTRY. Cathedral volunteers help elderly and disabled people remain safely in their own homes by helping with basic household tasks, such as cleaning and grocery shopping.

WINTER SHELTER. From October through April, the Cathedral Winter Shelter provides shelter for homeless men in the Cathedral Hall four nights a week. More than 100 volunteers serve as overnight hosts or prepare a hot breakfast.


COFFEE HOUR HOSPITALITY. After the Sunday morning Masses, parishioners, visitors, and friends are invited to gather in the Cathedral Hall for a time of fellowship. Volunteers prepare and serve freshly-made muffins, coffee, and juice.

CATHEDRAL ESPRESSO. Volunteers prepare and serve espresso beverages after Sunday morning Masses, with the proceeds benefiting different Cathedral programs each month.

CATHEDRAL BOOKSTORE. Located in the Archbishop Murphy Courtyard on the south side of the Cathedral, the Cathedral Bookstore, staffed by volunteers, offers a wide range of Catholic reading and gift items. Open 11-3 Monday - Friday and after weekend Masses.

HUNTHAUSEN LIBRARY. Named in honor of retired Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen, the parish library, located in Cathedral Hall, offers a wide range of reading, from Catholicism to history to fiction.

CATHEDRAL GUILD. Volunteers work with the Cathedral sacristans to keep the Cathedral and Chapel beautiful by maintaining votive candles and shrines and helping to prepare the Cathedral for Christmas, Easter, and other major feasts.

BABYSITTING PROGRAM. Each Sunday, childcare is provided during 10:00am and 12 Noon Masses.


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