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September 15, 2013

Dear Friends,

I am writing to let you know of an important change in the way in which we minister to the poor and needy in our neighborhood. As you know, we have a long tradition of taking up a monthly collection to fund the work of our two St. Vincent de Paul conferences. You know this because you are always incredibly generous in your support! But you may not know how those funds are distributed. The members of our two St. Vincent de Paul conferences (our “Vincentians”) receive approximately 100 calls each month for help with rent, utility bills, groceries, furniture, and other needs. Our Vincentians schedule home visits, meet the requesting parties in their own homes and write vouchers to help with the particular needs. The home visit is a very important part of the Vincentian way of reaching out to those in need. So often, people in need spend a lot of time going from agency to agency, and from office to office in search of help. Vincentians reverse that dynamic, bringing the needed resources to the person, instead of requiring the person to come to them. It may be a small difference, but it’s one way Vincentians make the act of helping a little easier on the person in need. And it’s modeled on the way St. Vincent de Paul himself reached out to and lifted up the poor.

This system of home visits is extraordinarily effective at preventing homelessness, and it works very well if the person in need has a home. But as you know, many of the people who come to us for help are homeless: they live in shelters, in vehicles, stay temporarily with friends, and those who have no home address cannot be helped by the Vincentian system of home visits. That’s exactly why eight years ago we partnered with Catholic Community Services to establish the Solanus Casey Center. The Solanus Casey Center, located at the corner of Terry Avenue and James, is a drop-in center where homeless persons who cannot be served by our St. Vincent de Paul conferences can come for information and financial assistance. In an average month, the Solanus Casey Center sees about 130 people, referring them to community resources and providing some modest financial assistance. At the moment, the Center devotes significant time and resources toward helping homeless people obtain ID cards — something they need before they can gain access to shelters, temporary employment, or other resources.

This brings me to the purpose of this letter! After consulting with our two conferences of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, we have decided that one month each year, instead of taking up the usual collection for the St. Vincent de Paul Society, we will take up a collection to support the work of the Solanus Casey Center. We believe that this is the best way to make sure that your generous contributions to help those in need go to all of our needy neighbors, including those who are homeless. So on the third Sunday of September, we will be taking up a collection to support the Solanus Casey Center in lieu of the usual St. Vincent de Paul collection. Our two St. Vincent de Paul Conferences will draw on other gifts and reserves to get them through this one month each year, so their home visits and distribution of vouchers will continue as usual and you can rest assured that the people they serve so well will not feel the impact of this change. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact Patty Bowman, Director of Social Outreach, at 206-382-4515.

Thank you for your continued generosity to our brothers and sisters in need!

Father Michael G. Ryan
Cathedral Pastor

WELCOME! If you are a visitor to the Cathedral, we want you to know how welcome you are – whether you have come from another part of the country, from across the world, or simply from another parish here in the Archdiocese. Thanks, in part, to the generosity of visitors like you, we are able to celebrate the Church’s liturgy here in a fitting and beautiful way. We are also able to offer a wide range of services to needy people living in the central district of our city.

FLOWERS AT THE ALTAR are offered in loving memory of David Pettigrew, from his family.

REGISTRATION FOR CHILDREN’S FAITH FORMATION (CFF) will be TODAY September 15 and and next Sunday, September 22 in the Cathedral Hall after the 10:00am and 12 Noon Masses. CFF sessions will start on September 29. We look forward to seeing your dear families again, and to welcoming new families to our Children's Faith Formation programs! Information, Lita McBride, 206-654-4658, or Theresa Van De Ven, 206-219-5822.

THE CATHEDRAL ESPRESSO CART is back from its summer hiatus! Please come by after the 10:00 and Noon Masses. All proceeds for the month of September benefit Children's Faith Formation. The Espresso Ministry is also looking for volunteers willing to run the cart after the Noon Mass. Information, Katherine Berry, 425-772-0897.

YOUNG ADULTS “THIRD SUNDAY” Join other young adults in the parish TONIGHT at the 5:30 Mass. After Mass we’ll gather for a reception in the courtyard on the corner of 9th and Columbia. Hope to see you there!

GRIEF AND LOSS SUPPORT GROUP. Wednesdays 10:30am–12 Noon. This Christian faith-based grief support group will be facilitated by an experienced pastoral counselor, John Baumann, MDiv, LMHCA. John has over 20 years of pastoral care experience. A free will offering to the St. James Mental Health Ministry of $15 per session is suggested. All interested individuals are strongly encouraged to attend regardless of ability to pay. You may join the group for as many sessions as desired. Information, Nancy Granger, RN at 206-382-4269.

GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BE PART OF THE CATHEDRAL KITCHEN TEAM! The Cathedral Kitchen needs a few more volunteer dishwashers. The dishwasher shift is weekdays, 4:30-5:45pm. You can volunteer one evening a week or one evening a month. Information, Teddi Callahan, 206-264-2091.

MENTAL HEALTH MINISTRY. WRAP begins next Sunday! Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) guides participants through the process of identifying and understanding their personal wellness resources ("wellness tools") and then helps them develop an individualized plan to use these resources on a daily basis to manage their mental health and increase daily happiness. Helen Nilon will lead an 8-week WRAP Workshop at St. James beginning Sunday September 22, from 2:00-5:00pm. Information, Helen Nilon, 206-257-6840; or Nancy Granger, RN Parish Mental Health Nurse, 206-382-4269.

FLAG FOOTBALL, FRISBEE, AND MORE. If you are a young adult (20’s and 30’s) join us on September 25th at 6:45 at Volunteer Park. We will be in the open grass area just southeast of the Conservatory and northwest of the Asian Art Museum. We will have a game of flag football, frisbee, cornhole, bocce, and any other games you may want to add to the mix. Can't find the group? Call Tom, 503-989-3463. Information, Caitlin Lanigan.

FAITH AND THE CHALLENGE OF HOMELESSNESS. St. James Housing Advocacy Committee invites you to join us for a panel discussion on the challenges of homelessness in our city. Join us on September 26 at 7:00pm in the Pastoral Outreach Center. Our speakers offer a variety of perspectives on the issue and include Catherine Lester, Interim Director of Seattle Human Services to address policy issues, Rick Reynolds, Executive Director at Operation Nightwach to offer a frontline provider’s perspective, and Michael Ramos Executive Director of the Church Council to address a faith perspective. We will be collecting donations of socks and toiletries to be distributed to the homeless. Information, Caitlin Lanigan, 206-382-4235.

ARE YOU OR A FRIEND INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OR BECOMING CATHOLIC? You are invited to participate in the RCIA, a process of initiation into the Catholic community of faith. It is a process which encompasses the study of Scripture, Catholic teaching, and Christian values—the development and deepening of a life of prayer and action—all with the support and involvement of the parish community. You can learn more by going to the RCIA website. A new inquiry session will begin Wednesday, October 2, at 7:00pm in Cathedral Place, second floor. Information, TerryAnn Bowen, 206-382-2018.

THANK YOU MARCI JEWELRY for making Labor Day dinner at the Cathedral Kitchen so special. Your generous donation allowed us to serve burgers and apple cobbler to more than 140 guests in need. You helped make it a great day for many!

WOULD YOU CONSIDER ASSISTING A PERSON WHO WANTS TO BECOME CATHOLIC? We continue to have new inquirers coming to participate in our Christian Initiation process to learn more about the Catholic Church (RCIA). We need St. James parishioners to be companions with our new inquirers to help welcome them to our community. The time commitment is reasonable — two Wednesday evening sessions a month. Training and support are provided. Information, TerryAnn Bowen, 206-382-2018.

THEOLOGY UNCORKED: FOR THE ST. JAMES CATHEDRAL ADULT COMMUNITY OVER 40. Interested in a social gathering where we can have a glass of wine, hear a brief talk, and ask questions in order to gain a deeper understanding of our faith? We are proposing meeting on Saturdays after 5:30pm Mass, in the Parish Outreach Center. If you are interested and would like to help get this program started, contact Margaret Lynch, Family Ministry Office.

COFFEE HOUR HOSPITALITY NEEDS YOU! Our Coffee Hour hospitality ministry is in need of extra hands. We are looking for several outgoing people to help serve and clean up during and after coffee hour. Please consider joining this is a very important ministry of welcome and hospitality. It is a fun ministry with a small time commitment. Information, Caitlin Lanigan, 206-382-4235.

YOUTH MINISTRY KICK-OFF BBQ BLAST–OCTOBER 6. All high school youth (Grades 9-12) are invited to an epic kick-off BBQ event hosted by the Youth Leadership Team on Sunday, October 6, at 6:30pm in the Pastoral Outreach Center. This event will officially jumpstart our program year! Come meet fellow young people and explore what youth ministry is all about. The event will be packed with food, friends, and interactive games and activities. You don’t want to miss this! Information, Joe Cotton.

HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH NIGHTS (GRADES 9-12) Beginning in October, St. James Youth Ministry will offer gatherings every Sunday evening from 6:30-8:30pm in the Pastoral Outreach Center. Youth Nights offer games, prayer opportunities, and activities designed to help you apply your faith to everyday life. Please join us! Information, Joe Cotton.

Sacred Steps
Sacramental Celebrations at St. James

CONGRATULATIONS AND GOD’S BLESSINGS to Kelly Lynn Barlow and Kevin Dyer, married in the Cathedral on Saturday, September 8. Please pray for them as they begin their new life together.

PARISH REMEMBRANCE: Throughout the year, because we are the Cathedral Church, we remember in prayer at Mass and Vespers each of the parishes and missions of the Archdiocese of Seattle on a Sunday near their feast day. This week we remember in prayer the parishes of Holy Cross in Tacoma and Granite Falls, and Our Lady of Sorrows in Snoqualmie.

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